Dissolve on the tongue


anybody had the pills that dissolve on the tongue? I had some once, I think it was Risperdal, not sure really can’t remember. the thing I like about pills is you can spit them out…lol. i would just slip them under my tongue to satisfy my parents then walk outside and spit.

now im on the Invega sustena. i think im starting to like this med, although i think i should be on a lower dose. if i decreased the dose i could probably lose the extra 10 pounds i put on that i can’t get rid of with diet.


I was on wafer olanzapine.
I rather have wafer than tablets.

It was so easy to take and no bad taste.
Olanzapine was a good medication for me.
Calming I think .
The only side effect I remember having was 23 kg weight gain.

Latuda is pretty good I think but since my increase I have side effects as severe jaw clenching where I think I have bitten my tounge ,ear ache etc

I might need to change medication because the side effects do not go away with benzotrap not with antanex.

But yes wafers disolves on the tounge.


I take dissolvable aripiprazole and i don’t like it. It’s easier for me to just swallow.


I took prolixen tablets with no water or any other liquid. I thought they would melt in my mouth and not in my hands but they did the opposite. Nasty tasting stuff.