Dissociative state

It can be argued that a sz life is one big dissociative state. We walk through life in a haze, foggied by our psych meds and displaying an apathy for things that used to interest us. This can be exacerbated with marijuana use, an area I have come across throughout the years with sz.

Pot, especially thc based pot, can cause a sz to dissociate. When I use thc, I go into a trance like state and become one of many characters: a comedian, a grizzled war veteran, an italian mobster, and others. I am never fully conscious of what I am doing, but I do recollect falling into these ‘separate’ states. To be frank, I enjoy the feeling; it is a welcome change in a life strife with inactivity and boredom. To the outside observer, it may appear funny, even frightening. I guess I just wanted to share to see if others dissociated when using pot with high thc.

For my son, I have noticed he becomes very lethargic, zombie if you will. Although I do not like him on it, he has cut back. He would smile his brains out to the point of rendering himself useless (sitting on the couch in a trance like state) this would go on for hours, he would fight waking up getting into a routine etc so I suggested to him, we will not be doing it @ all anymore, so that opened the discussion that he feels it makes him feel like himself, so in order to take some"good with the bad" he asked if he is able to cut back so he’s not so out of it, able to wake up for school and partake in everyday life, so knowing he’s not going to completely stop at this time I said ok, but if I see you not being able to get up for school, it’s a done deal.

He has been doing pretty ok so far more together in the morning than he was.

*smoke his brains out (dang auto correct!)

Supposedly, I’m Dx’d Dissociative Disordered…don’t know If I agree fully tho…
But smoke anything, I do not.
I can recall somethings when I “get like that” (according to others), but it still feels like me.

I do not know how it feels being on some illegal drugs like pot, because I have never tried any illegal drugs. The only thing I sometimes have is a pack of medical nicotine gum, which makes my mind a little more alert. I try not to be addicted to this medical nicotine, I do not smoke any tobacco or cigars, because I do not want to get lung cancer, because I know, at least, three people who have died to lung cancer. I do listen music that many people at my age, 46, might not want to listen, Scooter, a German techno dance band, it is a kind of high energy music, which makes me to feel good.

Hi, thanks for your post. I can empathize with what you are going through. There is a way to help your son if he is set on smoking pot. Ask him to search out a cbd-rich strain. It is one thing to ‘feel like yourself,’ it is another to be couch-locked and high all the time. cbd might help.

I smoked too much off a joint today. Your tolerance changes from day to day. Some days you can do 2-3 puffs without dysphoria(thc exacerbated). And some days 1 hit is your limit. I thought I could only smoke CBD rich pot. But I find honestly that regular thc pot is fine and doesn’t cause my symptoms to flux. Getting a hold of CBD rich pot currently is extremely difficult. But I have smoked pot that has been really easy for a SZ person. Its all about the dose you take. At a certain dose where I pass my limit I feel the full effect of the THC. Its not pleasant. But I haven’t given up because 70% of the pot I smoke inspires me to be creative and greatly reduces my depression. Charlotte’s web is a strain that contains virtually no THC and 17% CBD used for kids patients with Dravet’s syndrome. I say legalize it, decriminalize. It is our god’s given right to partake in the herb. Look up Neil Franklin on youtube, he has videos where he discusses that death involved with the prohibition would simply end if we voted to lift the prohibition. I can’t stand anti-pot people, they are mostly evil anyway.

You are lucky, usually thc will throw me for a loop. It does not matter how much I smoke, any amount will send me into a dissociative state. It is too bad for me, I enjoy pot. The only strains I can medicate with our cbd rich strains. i live in california and more and more places are carrying it. plus i find it works well with some of the persistent symptoms.

What are the differences of a CBD rich high as opposed to a THC one?

I can only go by what I have experienced. cbd is psychoactive but non intoxicating. There really is no ‘high’ with cbd. I’ve been using a predominant cbd strain ac/dc (18% cbd, .5% thc). The most I have felt is like a calm or relaxed state of mind. I sleep better, I eat better, and most importantly I feel better. There are strains with a high cbd and moderate thc (sour tsunami and cannatonic are two strains that come to mind) that I have tried that really shoot my symptoms into space. I enjoy smoking pot, but can only use cbd rich flowers.

I would love to sample either sour tsunami or cannatonic. The strain I smoke is Blue Mystic. You can tell the high is there, but its more off to the side so to speak, subtle. I am more in control of my dissociation. Socially I am improved on this. You can see Blue Mystic at http://www.leafly.com/hybrid/blue-mystic.