Is dissociation a symptom of schizophrenia/psychotic disorders? Yes. Do I enjoy having to go through this BS? NO. The static is so much right now guys, My brain is foggy and loud. Anyone know the feels?

I thought it was more related to anxiety disorders. Most commonly PTSD but people with high levels of anxiety can experience it too. And yes, I know the feels :frowning2:

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Yeah I feel you. I think it’s a part of psychosis /also/ however. Idk though I’m not a professional obviously,

I’m sorry you know the feels :frowning: It’s hard, really really hard.

Yeah sure I think psychosis can be such a broad range of experience dissociation is probably also included under there. It’s annoying either way!

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I have it from PTSD, according to my docs.

I think static is a good description. Decades of related problems now becoming very clear as big problems.

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