Dissociable effects of the d- and l- enantiomers of govadine on the disruption of prepulse inhibition by MK-801 and apomorphine in male Long-Evans rats

CONCLUSIONS: Given the high affinity of l-govadine for dopamine D2 receptors, these results suggest that further testing of l-govadine as an antipsychotic is warranted.

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I am still waiting for cure…this time i have to be patience. …life is boring…

anyone care to translate this article into english? Is this good for us?

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It basically says it has potential as an antipsychotic and warrants further testing.

How many years for this one Firemonkey?

I would guess quite a while unless Trump gets his way re shortening the time it takes to make a medication available.

Let’s hope that he does then. It sounds promising.
I for one would be willing to risk long term unknown side effects for some immediate relief.