Dissecting memories

Inspired by another thread and Schopenhauer.

A memory is a mental representation of a previous mental representation of a previous mental representation and so on, of the actual event.

The actual event is perceveied by the senses and interpreted by the mind. It is subjective and it is not really how the actual thing happend. The reality cannot be perceived by us but only subjectively so how the actual thing happend is not accessible to us.

So the event becomes a mental representation of the data from our senses because our senses perceived the event first before our mind could interpret it. The data which it gives is also subjective to our body construction.

So, to keep this short. The actual event is not the actual event but is the data from our senses and the interpretation in our minds of that specific data in that time period when the event happend.

That must mean that there are no actual events in which we participate directly as an active force who has the power to directly interact with the event. (i mean that we can’t directly interact with the event like two rocks which hitting eachother would interact, because we have the data from our senses (firstly) which needs to be interpreted by the mind first, so that the event can be understood )

So the body and the senses are like a layer and a data giver to the mind and like a wall between us and the actual event which only happens because we had the body to perceive the data received and the mind to interpret it.

Ok, then.

A memory is nothing more than data which is interpreted by the mind and stored in the brain.

I won’t go into how memories are activated or can be activated because i want you guys to read this and it would be to of a long post :slight_smile:

If the memory is only data which was interpreted by the mind and this also applies to every part of our cognitive abilities like thinking which is done by taking data of the external world and make sense of it, then our whole experiences are made by our own brain. (based on the data we received)

Then. This means that we never experienced the real world. We experineced and know the world created by our mind from our data which we receive from the world around us.

Simply put, we’re stuck inside our head and it’s all in our head :))

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I was going somewhere with this and i might continue it later but for now i lost my focus and forgot my idea :)) . It was hard writing so much and making it easy readable :slight_smile:

I hope someone enjoys it

My memories are generally accurate but sometimes people appear taller than IRL.

I think its about my self esteem.

So bassicly a memory is our mind receiving data from our body senses, this body senses are pasive and they are not under our full control, they cannot stop working permanently because we want to/said to (only other factors make them not working permanently, like losing sight, hearing etc.).

So because they are passive to the enviorment, it’s the enviorment which “forces” to interpret and “feeds” then non-stop data and since the mind is connected to the brain and the body, the enviorment indirectly forces the mind to interpret the data of the senses.

This means that it forces the mind to think

Since the data which is received must be interpreted it must be also represented under some form which is, in our case, thoughts, thinking.

Then it’s clear that we were created by the enviorment and shaped by the enviorment and forced by it to think

So the body could be seen as our connection to the outside, external world. Does a consciousness exists?? Who knows .

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I think, therefore I am.

I think I think therefore I think maybe I am…maybe.


If we add human interaction into the picture, 2 people talking for example.

They comunicate by interpreting the data which they receive from one another.

Bassicly, one person receives the data from the other person and interpretes it then the person outputs data and the other does the interpreting.

So simply the fact that we have senses proves that telepathy does not exist.
If teleplay would exist the enviorment wouldn’t have shaped us in such a way that we have senses.

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