Disrespectful behavior

I have not been treated well by my manager and wife. At office my manager is almost irritated to deal with me and at home it’s my wife’s turn. I am lost and have no one to turn to to explain about the issues that I have. Not sure who will listen to me. I feel like very trapped and maybe escape them for everyone’s good. Because I might do something stupid or dangerous if the behavior of them continues. It seems they have lost the respect for me. Any suggestions?

Have you tried talking to your wife about it?

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I tried million times. Almost everyday but all I get to hear is opposite of what I expect.

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Hhow are they being disrespectfull

I am not valued for what I do everyday like work and effort that I put to improve the company and family. All they see is negative shade of me. Maybe the manic episode or psychotic episodes are haunting them.

Also maybe I don’t see their point of view. I am in a limbo.

that can be tough to deal with have you tried talking to them about it.

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I am scared to talk. As whenever I try to talk I get on the face somewhat a weird response it makes me cringe and not wanting to talk freely to them. But I am comfortable with almost most of others.

you need to talk to them though especially your partner

I sure need to talk. But things are highly messed up in my name according to them. Not sure if they will understand me in 100 years. Maybe a resignation and a divorce would help. But again that is also highly improbable.

People disrespect me too. They don’t value what I have to say. Then they try and spin it on me and say "oh, you’re paranoid,* but I know that they’re just attempting to gaslight me in order to avoid facing the possibility that they’re just being buttholes.


That’s drastic would be easier to talk.

No use. I am being misunderstood.

Can you look for a new job?

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Yes I can. I will. Thanks.

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hey sriharryster. I was unemployed for 7 years due to mental illness. Then I started volunteering, because I met this really nice person & wanted to volunteer for her. I volunteered for her for a year. Then I applied for paid work & she was my referee. Now I have 2 paid jobs thanks to her. The people in my 2 new jobs are really nice, I enjoy work people mostly (medication helps a lot with this). My point is, there are nice people out there to work with & work for. If you are unhappy with your current workplace people, you can do better. You deserve better. You just have to be smart about it - make sure you have a good reference from your current employer for your next, new employer. I am proof that things can get better in the workplace. good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the motivation. I am going to try change my environment.

I get disrespected a lot but tbh I just expect it from a lot of people

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Is it something we just need to put up with though we deserve better.

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We do deserve better. And it’s best to choose your battles Tbh.