Disposing of This Year's Christmas Cards

As I put away this year’s Christmas cards I found some really strange ones this year. One was from the local Psych Ward. It had a cartoon of Santa Claus in a Psych Ward and it showed 2 doctors talking to each other with one saying, “We saw this guy on a roof with some deer and a sleigh and he thinks he’s Santa Claus. Give him heavy sedatives” The card said, "The Tortured Soul Medical Psych Hospital would like to thank you for your frequent visitation and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year where you don’t come back. Another card said “Merry Christmas From Your Pharmacy. Thank you for your business.” I then looked one last time at cards from the all the pharmaceutical companies that made my medications, several “Big and Tall” magazines, and several government agencies. Then I toasted the New Year’s and hoped for fewer cards next year.


That’s funny! The cards sound nice, but yeah, hopefully less next year.