Disorganised me

You could say my organisational/ planning skills are below average. It’s been reflected with this weeks shopping.

I got sausages out of the freezer to use today (6th) and tomorrow(7th) . I have two stir fry veg to use by the 9th. Chicken to use by the 13th but the sweet potato wedges and one microwave veg to go with it has to be used by the 9th and 8th respectively . Add to that I have a pad Thai to use by the 10th. Something doesn’t add up here!

Truth is I shouldn’t have got the sausages out of the freezer. I’ve ended up chucking the rest of the sausages, and I’m still struggling as to how to fit all the rest of the food in within the allotted time.

I debated whether to put this in the lounge or here, but decided to put it here as I think it reflects the executive functioning difficulties some/many of us have.

Of course it didn’t help that the use by dates in the supermarket yesterday were very short.


It must be difficult for you living alone. Not saying you need constant help, but another person’s presence makes us more aware and alert. And if there’s friendship or even love between us and said person, even better.

I don’t want to trouble you. But have you considered looking for a flat mate? Maybe someone in the same age range that has a proven record of being quiet and reliable?

It’s a one bedroom flat so not possible unless I get romantically involved with someone, which is highly unlikely.

I get it.
Have you met your neighbor(s) ?
Are they old or young?
Do they look and act friendly?

I’m asking because, well, it can’t hurt having someone with whom you can sit down and sip a cup of tea or discuss news.

To be honest, I’ve learnt the hard way that solitude is perhaps our worst enemy.

My neighbour is I think in his mid 30s , though I’m not good at judging a person’s age. I’ve only knocked on his door to give him an Amazon delivery I’ve taken in for him , or once or twice in passing just to give a short greeting. He has never knocked on my door. My stepdaughter knows him more. It seems he does a lot of charity work.

I’ve wasted plenty of food because I take it out to thaw and forget about it or just don’t feel like eating it.

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