Disorders never really leave?

I just binged and purged. Ate a ton after my diet dinner and then threw it up by gagging myself. This is like when I weighed 110lbs all over but today I am physically robust, low body fat and lots of muscle.

Question for shrinks- ones who have the heighest degrees and licensure or past licensure- do disorders never really leave for good? @orange @notmoses

Disorder, has existed on the plane of being (whatever that is) as long as human existsance…and you’ve damn well got a community when you’ve got one who knows how to deal with it.

-And there that shill hath,something missing.

for eternity? Or till I refijnd self?

waiting for orders sir…from Atlantic? Or cryptic sir?

I love you…girl. you was back then.

And then I saw red hair and came too…

Boss thought I was “going from my drink”

Therapist thouht I was goin for my gun

But he was right…not a shrink but a farm man who knows literature…all day worth. No gun then., No need for.

Was going for something though…turth? my drink down at the Coat of Arm back in the day,.

My message to the world at the moment: (chemicls natural…)

Dope us up. As a people. Dope us up. With somethin better than the truth you been feeding it the past hundred years. Dope us up, with the ■■■■ you were pulling me the night you got locked up and everyone’s ■■■■ was sit out and that roof, the one that jim pulled through that ■■■■ and every single memory that goes on to haunt me go on to haunt him who got lucky enough to represent me to be me and go on to buy the same house and cash in on the ■■■■ you were hearing behind your chair which was your saying in hostility towards my mother who was said my first name by my father…■■■■

Don’t know who…

…co-pilot then…at odds? Or always been odd? Friend.

I had a severe case of panic disorder and I defeated it. I’m not scared of it coming back, by being brave and not caring about the anxiety I beat it. I could say mine has left for good.

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@mortimermouse the propensity of a trait is imprinted on the cerebellum through repetition. Most disorders are simply inefficient coping mechanisms that have received repetitive rewards to form a behavior . Do they go away? Well. No they don’t . You can retrain your brain to respond to the stimulus with a new antecedent .


Many narrowly specific phobias can be pretty much totally knocked out. The complex ones (like PTSD) are tough.

Major depressive can be made substantiually sub-criterial. Many personality disorders likewise. It’s crucial to keep stress to a minimum and functional self-awareness to a maximum.

The patient has to want to get better and be willing to work for as long as it takes. Lifestyle changes. Cognitive changes. Limbic system remodeling.

Meds help, but are a “complete solution” only about a third of the time so far as I can tell. Varies greatly by dx, of course.


Why thanks Drs. @orange and @notmoses!

That answers my question, it’s something I have been wondering for a while, as maybe a few times a year I binge and purge all over again.

Now about the intense nightmares I just awoke from here in my bed at 5am…

What do you want to know about the nightmares? Nightmares and actually all dreams are the restructuring of the subconscious to deal with reality. I am a big Jung and Freud fan.

That’s my stance as well- I am practically neo Freudian when it comes to subjective experiences like dreams and nightmares. I’m just recovering from a rough night, I take my dreams as unfinished business, themes swept under the rug during the days which must be dealt with at some point.

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I used to do a lot with dreams in my practice. Ultimately you ask what is the first thing that comes to mind with every attribute of the Dream as it is recalled then piece together all the parts to look into the subconscious.

Mine is paranoid ideation, namely being persecuted, and forced to do things.

What is the first thing that comes to you regarding the ideation? Say to yourself the first three thoughts as they come up. Examine them for meaning.

You know your vomiting could be a subconscious purge of what is deeply bothering you.

I think I just can’t tolerate who I am- I realize that after looking at my first three thoughts about the paranoid ideation and how last night I brushed my teeth in the shower to avoid seeing my reflection.

I think anorexia and bulimia nervosa are hard to treat long term. It’s really hard to change behaviors like these.

I think disorders can go into remission, but when stressed can peak back thru, have to remove the old learned coping skills by replacing them with new and not harmful coping skills.

Aren’t you taking seroquel now?

Nope. Xanax and Geodon