"Disorders", "Conditions", and "Syndromes"

By all means. Likewise, I’ll utilize my functional medicine doctor because I recognize the limitations of conventional medicine. Fortunately for me, I will continue to benefit from true health care, unlike the disease care model of conventional Medicine.

To let go is not to expect miracles, but to take each day as it comes, and cherish yourself in it.

Recovery does not refer to an end product, or result. It does not mean “cured.” It is accepting our illnesses and limitations. This is the paradox of recovery, i.e. that in accepting what we cannot do or be, we begin to discover who we can be and what we can do.

…Suffering is marked by an inner peace, i.e., although we still feel great pain, we also experience a peace in knowing that this pain was leading us forward into a new future.
…Recovery is a matter of rising on lopped limbs to a new life.

Interesting video, while I agree that too much stress is bad, I’m not sure that health depends on stressors. I can certainly see a connection between stress and mental health. I guess my conclusion is that functional medicine seems to be a common sense approach to improving your wellbeing but I would not replace conventional medicine with it. Why not take advantage of both?


I respect your view. Mine is that functional medicine docs (be they MD, DO, DC, ND) do a hell of a better job than the typical MD in treating chronic diseases. I also think there are times western medicine is better (ie carcinoma). There are times chiropractic or naturopathic medicine are better. There are times other alternative medicine is better. There are times a combination or all will be the best (IMO).