Disorder Dilemmas

So szs are often involved in totalitarian situations where they are being watched or confined or freedoms limited. Sometimes it is called for, other times it is excessive use of legal/ medical power. It seems once someone is marked with sz they will experience this type of dystopic situation in various degrees. This has been something I complained about but nothing has changed. At the very least I would prefer a MI person to have full freedom until they commit a serious offence.

But this topic is about the dilemma szs face in voicing their experiences with mental health treatment and limiting this totalitarianism. One dilemma is a sz person can be disorganized so communicating in a sensible way is impossible so they are muted by their illness. Another dilemma is caused by low social status so people who treat or manage treatment will not acknowledge the feedback as they would someone of higher status. Another is that sz people are prone to persecution complexes so any argument against totality is written off as delusional.

The situation where a sz person is trapped in totality and in a state of dilemma from escaping is a dystopic reality that most people will only experience through reading or viewing fiction. When someone is in a paranoid delusion and a paranoia inducing reality at the same time the experience is inexpressable.


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