Dismissal of feelings that are uncomfortable

I hope this is a safe place to put what I am about to say…

Well do you know or get those feelings that are reoccurring, hostile and when you interpret the feeling it kind of tells you to do something but of course you don’t follow it?

I’ll just up and say it since I believe that it is a symptom of my condition… sometimes this negative feeling of mine tells me to do bodily harm to others. It comes and it goes, i often have to reject it.

I am in complete control however. I take 300mg lamictal 150mg Zoloft and 400mg seroquel.

Its like a mental unwanted reaction to stimuli, I often think that this feeling is in sync with space time, like I will have the feeling and then i’ll think for example a person in the room moved exactly because of my thought.

Pretty darn weird. Its the only thing I’m battling right now. I wish there was a drug that targeted just that specific part of the brain for treatment.

But I’m getting by well with a beautiful daughter and wife and my life is complete just as any normal person.

I think It’s called “delusions of reference”. Maybe you could bring it up with your psychiatrist.

Either that or “magical thinking”. Magical thinking is more like “i got out of the bed on the left side so it will rain” though.

Thanks ever hopeful I will do that.

I have the capability to know its my illness however, whereas some people cannot discern their delusion of reference from reality.

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If your meds are making you feel hostile or giving you urges to hurt others then bring that up with your psychiatrist too. It might be time for a change of meds or doses.

Actually I just am transitioning from haldol to seroquel, so my symptoms may have found a way to sneak in a bit

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