Disliking people

Someone feel free to tell me if I shouldn’t say this, but…
(Great way to start any post :unamused:)

I’ve noticed a few people getting annoyed at each other or disliking others on the chat recently.
This has (on the most part) been immediately rebuked, which I think is great. After all, this is supposed to be a supportive community.

However… To anyone who reads this, I’d just like to say I personally would appreciate any criticisms (constructive or otherwise) towards myself.
I don’t want to offend anyone, I have a thick skin, and if anyone thinks I’m a stubborn moron (which I’m aware I can be), I’d like to hear it so I can tone it down a little.

That was a little random but, y’know… Just sayin’.

“Disliking people”

you can only do it within i think 10 minutes of Liking the post. after a while, you won’t be able to unLike the post. back when I used my Likes a lot, that mechanic kind-of frustrated me.

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Out of curiosity, why would you WANT to unlike a post? Surely if you like it, you like it…

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You’re not a “stubborn moron”. You have sz. We’re all on here to support, empathize, commiserate, advise and be there for one another.
I’d love to hear from you that you pushed back at the delusions that make you so miserable sometimes. I want you to give yourself a break and at the same time give yourself more power…


Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m unbelievably tempted to argue with you and prove my point, but… Thanks. Your encouragement is very much appreciated.

Wait are you joking?

I’m easier to like from a distance. I can be a trial for people who know me in person. Sometimes I hate myself, and that can color my interactions with others. They must have had me in mind when they said, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

@Anon3, why do you use an anony’s name, makes me think your just going to hit and run?

I originally joined this forum because I was wondering about some psychotic symptoms I’ve experienced. This has only really been quite recent, and I actually have no idea if I’m sz or not.

Although I’ve been welcomed onto the forum, I don’t really feel a part of the community yet.

If my symptoms continue, and especially if I pluck up the courage to tell my GP and they think I show signs of psychosis, I’d like to change my name and become a more permanent member of the community.

To be fair, I don’t think I’ve actually had any real symptoms for like a month, at least a couple of weeks, but I still find it helpful to talk on here when I have no one else to speak to.

If it helps you then don’t wait to “join us” with an official Dx or not, C’mon down to the Price is Right!

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Tell you what - In that case, can a mod please change my name?
I rather like “schizish”

Is that how this works? When it comes to technology I’m an eighty-year-old at heart.

Hey, @Ninjastar, you seem nice. :slight_smile:
Any idea how to do that?


You’re so agreeable. Done, you are now schizish.


Thank youu! :smile:


Welcome to the forum with your ‘new’ name @schizish we can all be friends here.
:smile: :smile: :smile: