Disliked people around me

I dislike the people around me,I get all the negative emotion.At work,at home where I spend a lot of my time on and I dislike them.They are my parent,cousin,grandmother and colleague.I am such a hater :cry:

I think I am not going to have a good time at work,and can fail miserably.I hated people around me(I didn’t want to) and I hated especially my cousin,who is the happiest in our company.He being happy and laugh is so brutal to me that no one can understand

I am just so negative that I feel nothing will helps

What I hate most is people hate on me for being negative even when I’m dealing with ■■■■ right now like a good friend I knew for 15 years died less than a year ago and then a relationship I had for the last 1/3rd of my life that ended in marriage proved to me finally it was going to fail no matter what I could’ve done. It’s like I’m not entitled to be a human being.

And it’s not like reacting to me negatively is going to help me see things more positively anyway. I don’t get why they think two wrongs are going to make a right when dealing with someone who is negative.