On the plus side I’ve become disillusioned with some beliefs that lingered, maybe some paranoia and fears. I’m trying to remain stress free.

I gave someone a ride home, and he offered to smoke me up and then I got really sick. My vision started going blurry and I felt like something was missing. I felt almost brain dead and hyper aware. It’s really frightening and I can’t describe it. But I feel like I become everything and nothing at the same time, perhaps it causes me to depersonalize or disconnect.

I am afraid I have cancer or something. I have an ear infection and my ears are ringing and stuffed up, popping etc. I am fatigued and I can’t think straight.

I stopped hearing voices that was caused by the Buspar. I am thinking maybe I should stop taking Abilify also, because I need to get my immune system kicked up a notch. I feel like Abilify is clogging my system, internally.

What does that mean?

As a thanku he offered to get me high and I had trouble saying no.

I wouldnt smoke weed. Horrible things happen when I smoke weed. The smell of burning weed makes me feel sick, im conditioned to avoid it because it makes me super psychotic and want to just die.

But before I became schizophrenic it made me happy and horny and getting high was always a good experience. I would just be like ■■■■ this after a long day of school and working out and get high. It was my favorite thing before schizophrenia. It made boredom seem like a joke, everything was so fun after I got high.

I called it sunshine in a bag. Now it’s suicide smoke.

I am trying to do much better now.

@StarryNight Weed is not good for schizophrenia or bipolar. I personally would stay away from the stuff - in the end you will feel much better if you do

you need sleep and lots of vit c , buy some oranges and friut down the store, hope you are feeling better.
take care

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StrarryNight, now you know what it does to you and now you know you should never smoke it again. You learned the hard way, don’t make the same mistake again. I learned the hard way too.

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Please be careful. I’m hoping you knew this person and didn’t just take some pot from any old stranger who could have done heck knows what to it for kicks and meanness.

Yeah. I got a lecture from my dad. The guy was a local townie who everyone knows, and he had back problems so I felt bad for him. But he’s not a bad person, I just got way too high and it was a bad recipe for me. I am done smoking. Like, I can’t smoke at all anymore. I actually have weed and I am not even smoking it lol.

My brother quit too, knowing that it wasn’t good. Now I’m trying quit to as well.

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