Dishonest people suck

And they complicate my life at work. Arse bandits.

Trying to unwind by watching people play Beat Saber. I’m buying a damn Occulus Rift this year and doing this for myself once my pacer is re-upped.


Are they trying to scam the insurance ?

Is it common for them to do this. Lie about theft to claim.

Is it your job to sift out the phonies from the honest ones ?

People will often misrepresent their driving and claims history in the hope of obtaining a lower premium. This is nearly impossible to do as insurance companies can check your conviction and claims history easily. Whatever savings people may have obtained initially will disappear when the policy is reissued with a higher premium (if not canceled outright). This leads to US being yelled at for some reason.

Misrepresentation when purchasing auto insurance is common, but more so on the personal side of things. Fraudulent claims are an industry-wide issue.

When selling insurance it is my job to obtain the most accurate information possible as I have an obligation to the insurer to give them an accurate idea of the risk they’ll be backing, and also to provide the best coverage and value for the customer.

Judging claims is the job of adjusters and it is very rare for a broker to act as one. I am prohibited from doing so in my own company. I am also to avoid saying anything that may prejudice a claim in one direction or the other, simply to be a conduit for information between the insured and the insurer. I can advocate on behalf of the insured if they are unhappy with the compensation received for a loss.


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