Diseases that come at old ages naturally

How good is it to have something like diabete that come at old age and you waited a lot

I hope if I stay on my meds as a schizophrenic i will sometime replace them with medication from disease that come at old age

I don’t know. Diabetes doesn’t just strike the old. I wouldn’t look forward to diabetes. I have it and it’s a pain the rear end.

You’re right though that sometimes sz fades somewhat with age. I wouldn’t count on it though. Lots of older people still on antipsychotics.

even if i become 60 or 70 will i still have to take it?

It certainly is possible. We have members that old who still take ap’s.

I’m on two medications for type 2 diabetes (Jardiance and Ozempic). I got diabetes from being too sedentary, and eating too many sweets, and other junk food. I wish I had eaten everything in moderation, but chocolate was almost an addiction for me. At one point, I was having 100 mg of chocolate a day. I just couldn’t stop. These days, I can’t eat what I want anymore. The diet is so restrictive that I can’t follow it exactly. On top of all the schizophrenia symptoms, diabetes makes me very tired and depressed.

People can get type 2 diabetes at any age, and 30% of those who get type 2 aren’t fat, nor do they eat badly.

Scientists are always working on different drugs. Maybe by the time you’re 60 or 70, there’ll be a better treatment available. :slight_smile: That’s what I’m hoping for.

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