Disease, curses, and generations?

I was talking with mom earlier today. She mentioned something that struck my curiosity. While in Houma, Loisiana about 10 years ago she and dad had taken a saliva test at some…health/herbal/naturalpathic…place. Now I’ve never heard of a saliva test for something like this. And I’ve never heard anyone speak like this. But mom said she said that through dad’s bloodline the generations have nerve issues. I’ll get back to that. She went on to say that somewhere someone had a disease…she said syphallis… I wasn’t there. I didn’t hear it. I’m not sure how she said it. But from hearing mom say what she said in the way that she did and what she said really says something about her knowledge and credability.

Back to the nerve issues. That could not have been further from the truth. And it’s not something you can read from dad’s demenour. Because I know dad, I know he’s the most nerve-wrecked person I’ve ever known. That not an insult, it’s what he deals with and it makes me realize how far in scaryland he really is. His family, my aunts and uncles…his mom, his dad…are the most suspicious, quiet, jittery, assumptive, delusional people I’ve ever been in the same room with. Mom says the same. My uncle(one of them) takes a slew of herbs per day to “balance” himself. Another never talks. Another is always angry. All are quiet, jittery…it’s not an “oh my family has that too” kind of thing. This is the descriptive code of all core issues with this family.

She could have said any thing else and it would be more “meh”.
Anyway, has anyone read anything about diseases being catalysts for generational issues, specifically syphallis?

On my mom’s side, there’s a demon or demons that gets passed down every generation. According to a friend who used to practice haiki, the demon branched off on mom’s brothers side. I won’t mention his name, but I can attest to the fact, he is indeed posessed. Picture passing by a person and feeling you life suddenly in danger and not knowing why. His son was the same way. Now his son has a son.
My mom tells stories about every house her mom has been in…has always been posessed. In one in particular, the doors would close and open by themselves. Footsteps. Electronics kept burning out. You would think this is just a story, dont’ think I’m naive. Mom said some days crows would cover the roof. Just the roof. Nowhere else. No tree. Not birds flocking for the season. The roof. Not near the creepiest thing. Mom would walk into her brothers room and he’d be upside down with feet up in the air, asleep. Head touching the bed, but straight, like he was floating with nothing really holding him. He kept seeing things like his mom(my grandma)…her body…in parts(?) floating up the stairs. Still not the creepiest thing. They found a picture OF him(my uncle) in the house. An old picture, of a boy. Just like him. My mom said “was exactly like him”.

All this to say, I really wonder.
And I’m getting a saliva test.
I want to find the lady that diagnosed dad.
I have research to do.
I really would like to talk with that lady. Or another naturalpathic person/doctor/humanoid who has the same knowledge.
PS: I’m not posessed by a demon. Though I’m sure there’s spiritual warfare somewhere up in the mix.

Creepy, glad that isn’t happening to me, uh huh huh huh, i can’t imagine what that is like at all, i suppose it’s horrible.

“Ah shutup! Still ■■■■■■■ joking around, it’s like haunting goddamn homer simpson or peter griffin, nothing gets through and it’s driving us ■■■■■■■ crazy! Don’t you know this is serious? Wtf did you just say to us, serious for us huh, what the hell would you know about that?” They say.

“Yes, i get it, it’s serious and you are trying to make me kill myself. Big ■■■■■■■ deal.” I say.

“Whats that peter?! Do you even realize what you are saying right now?! We’re trying to get you to kill yourself, get it?” They say.

“So what, who cares, id be better off than ending up in these not so hospitable hospitals wouldn’t i? They’ll ■■■■■■■ torture a person and yell at them that they are helping, and they’ll rip you off doing it to.” I say.

“Got some balls now huh, back and forth, you make no sense whatsoever, it really is like haunting peter griffin.” They say. “You should have seen him when pan showed up, they just ■■■■■■■ stared at eachother, you know peter, he expected a little more of a reaction than that. wtf?” They say. “And then when our witch made you hallucinate right in front of your face, you just stared at him, he expected you to at least say something, wtf?!”

“You know what i haven’t had in awhile? Big league chew.” I say.

“This guy, we don’t know about this guy.” They say.

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you can cleanse a house with rosemary, dried lavender, smudge sticks etc…
salt under the bed…
take care

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I’m a big fan of salt. salt and clean, vaccuum, sweep, fan the place out, circulate… I saw a youtube while browsing dna activation videos. Will have to try the others.

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My Mom says she saw (I think it was her Aunt) one day when we were in our old house. Kinda more of a sensed her kind of thing. She said she wasn’t scared because she knew it was her and that she wasn’t going to hurt her.

My Grandmother (we lived catty corner from each other on a small horse ranch) would point to a white dove with a black ring around it’s neck (and I think a white beauty mark too) and call it Maimmy (I don’t know how to spell it.) dove. She said it was her Mother (or maybe Grandmother, I’m not sure) coming to see us.

I used to be freaked out by the idea of ghosts. But I was very depressed/suicidal but still really afraid of death (this was before I was even 10) so I was scared of anything having to do with death. But now that I have my meds, I am more curious.

I wonder who becomes ghosts? One theory I have heard (in novels and movies) is that they have some sort of secret that someone needs to find out before they can be at peace. But I wonder why they wouldn’t try to talk to us then. And why do so many of them stay in the place they died? If I were I ghost I would go everywhere and try to see everything. But maybe they are depressed because they have wandered around and seen all that stuff but they miss everyone they knew while they were alive, like their children and/or spouse and get depressed because they can’t find them.

I am a fan of the “What Dreams May Come” idea. (It’s a really good movie with Robin Williams). The character Robin Williams played stayed as a ghost because he didn’t want to leave his wife alone. Their children had already died and he thought he could pull her through his death like he did when she went to an asylum after their children’s death. Finally he comes to know that he is actually haunting her and it is making her more depressed and he needs to go to the next life or she will never find peace. I don’t really think that in any way happens. But that’s what I like to think. (More because it is a good love story. None of this walk to remember crud.)
She commits suicide and is sent to hell. He has met up with his daughter in heaven and when they tell him she died he gets really excited and asks where she is. But they tell him that all suicides go to hell. He makes the man/spirit who guided him to the after life take him to hell. They get there and he realizes that the man who guided him was his son (his children didn’t just show him they were his children, they looked like other people. His daughter because she wanted to look different and his son because he had actually been his father’s mentor or patient [I don’t remember] in a past life.) The father makes his son turn back right as they are staring at the entrance to hell.

It shows him traveling through hell and finally finding his wife. Her hell isn’t fire or brimstone. In her hell she never died. She doesn’t recognize him. I’m not sure if the son didn’t actually turn back or if he caught up with him. His son (or whoever, there was definitely someone) tells him that he can only say goodbye and she won’t recognize him. If he does more than that he will be trapped in her hell with her. He goes down to her and talks to her about how she is feeling and what she is going through. He decides to join her in hell to try to help her. They then are suddenly taken to heaven.

The official movie ending they decide to be reborn and it shows them as children meeting up. I like the alternate ending much better. His son tells him that she has to be reborn into suffering. She will be reborn in the Middle East with and contract a horrible disease and die at fourteen, and die alone after much suffering because even though he saved her she had to atone for her suicide which there (in the movie) was considered a major sin. They give him the option of being reborn too. They tell him if he is reborn he will join the army and serve in the Middle East and bring her back as his bride. She wouldn’t suffer nearly as much and would live longer. But she would still die young and he would be left for (I think it was thirty years) missing her. He chooses to go with her.

It is one of my favorite movies.

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After my cousin died, my great aunt saw an orb of light come through the house window, which stayed there in front of her for a minute or so, then left.
And after my grandpa died, after the funeral, we came home to find the house smelled like cigarette smoke. My grandpa was a heavy smoker. It’s odd, but that’s what happened.

From experiences of other people, I would imagine that the ghosts that hang around are free to leave, but just dont’ want to. Any given person can astrally project while still being alive in these 3 dimensions, so I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible after earthly death. Supposedly, it takes a ton of energy to actually manifest back into a physically visible form.

Idk what happened to my post lol. I posted twice, deleted once, an dit kept the deleted one XP

Yeah I saw that it got deleted. I was wondering what happened.

Yeah you are probably closer to the truth than I am. But it’s like one of my favorite web comics (the oatmeal) said in his post about moving from California (to I think Idaho or somewhere like that). “I know that’s not what happened, but it’s what I like to pretend.” or something close to that. Basically he was making up a cool story about what happened to his cats who disappeared into the wilderness. He knows that isn’t what happened, but the story makes it easier.

This is the link to the actual comic strip. I think he is really funny. It isn’t a link to the homepage, it’s directly to that particular comic. You can navigate from there though.