Discussion about medication doses

Large doses of antipsychotics a unknown hell

Large doses of Olanzapine and Resperidone

gave me

  1. Serious memory problems - seems to be permanent

  2. Rest leg syndrome also serious sleep problems

  3. Depression - not just Anhedonia but more than Anhedonia - Truely Depression.

We can’t live without Neuroleptics !!! But we need to take small effective dose and the correct one that has low side effects profile.

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I was on 10 or 15 mg i think of olanzapine 2 years ago or so.
I slowly came down in dose and am now on 0,062 mg or so.
A mimimal daily dose but still seems to affect my weight.

I tried Abilify for few weeks but it may of been to activating for me and the side effects were very bad for me, making me sick i felt.
Wasnt for me but seemsto work for others.

I think you mentioned you changed to another medication.
Hows it goin?

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TBH you don’t seem to want to get better. All I see in you is expecting some magic pill to make it all go away. Sorry dude it doesn’t work like that. MRI scans to prove meds and talking therapy repair the brain. Look into that.


What I’m saying is, taking large doses is never good, it’s more bad than good. Yes we need small or medium doses.

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I was on a high dose and had pretty bad side effects as well. All of these antipsychotics block dopamine I think they got their hypothesis wrong about the cause of “schizophrenia” they need to create somthing that supports the psyche the spirit within us. Problem when you get people who arent spiritual to create solutions for spiritual issues. There so called power is money and science we are never going to get anywhere unless we find a spiritual healer.

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I take large doses and have done for years.

Can you substantiate your position?

Yeah a spiritual healer for a brain disease. That will go swimmingly.

Sorry about that I am having a bad day.

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I lowered my dose of seroquel and my cognition has gotten better as a result. My pdoc had me on too high a dose it was causing poverty of thought. I wasn’t analyzing the world around me…

I used to be on 25 mg of abilify now I’m on 20 and it’s good. I don’t notice any difference.

I think it is different for each person what they can live with…we should use as low a dose as is comfortable for us.

I am really sensitive to meds and I feel like doctors always tend to prescribe doses that are way too huge for me. Even a small dose completely kills my symptoms but also knocks me out in many ways. I for example used 100mg seroquel for three days and was completely knock out…fainting all the time, zombie, could literally hardly walk or talk or understand a conversation, let alone remember it.

A friend of mine is on several meds on a much higher dose and she doesn’t notice a thing, positive or negative. She is now on 600mg seroquel and two other meds (AP and AD) and she says she feels they are sugar pills.

I couldn’t ever tolerate a dose like that, but she’s fine! We all differ…


Can’t agree more. I did use high doses without any short term adverse effects but long term adverse effects are now in the limelight like Depression so I made these posts and Moderators are doing their job advising me not to post wrong posts. But some posts like this one are a necessity and now you know

OLANZAPINE causes depression in large doses.

Lord knows I was on high doses. I was on up to 30mg olanzapine and I still had symptoms. But I had good sleep.:sleeping:

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Sleep is the only positive rest is negative

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Oh wow. 30mg of olanzapine? Yes, you must have had a perfect sleep. I used 10mg and I was sleeping all day, except for the moments when I was binging on sugary foods.

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You may need to ask your pdoc do your B12 levels blood test. When drugs are decreasing the B12 levels, it may cause psychosis and cognitive decline. It also calls relapse. Most pdoc can help you.

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