Discrimination against schizophrenics

Anyone experienced it? I experiemce it all the time. For example even when buying somthing, the shop assistant says “hello” than in a quieter voice “schizo”, or “good bye have a nicd day” then again “mad. Schizo”.

I think it is discrimination. Like calling someone black etc. Or handicapped for someone in a wheelchair. Etc


Hi, welcome to the community. It sounds like you’re dealing with auditory hallucinations while grocery shopping. Some of our members deal with this by wearing headphones while shopping. Could you maybe try this and see if it helps?


:joy: First of all, that’s not discrimination or racist, so you’re fine calling black people black.

Second, I think you’re having hallucinations. No one would whisper those things under their breath while you’re buying something from their store. Imagine if they lost customers for saying sh it like that. They’d be fired in a heartbeat. No one would risk it.

edit: But yes, I have experiences this, but from the TV, not from real people.


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sure sz people find faults in other sz people

I experienced it with coworkers and friends also from TV and the news media. The worst was when I was still attending church the preacher would accuse me of being possessed by Satan and it was all in my head. I no longer go to church to much stress.

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear what you had to go through.

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Hope you will be able to enjoy shopping and be able to shop.:slightly_smiling_face:

There was a time I had difficulties and could not even do the grocery shopping.

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I keep getting denied jobs because of my sz. Once employers ask or see that i have sz as a disability they reject me. For instance they will organise orientation for me until they find that out then they cancel everything. Im capable of work but no one gives me a chance because of my diagnosis, it really sucks

My trick is to wear headphones as much as possible when I am out and about. Much of the time I have found these things to be intrusive thoughts. You have to accept that what you perceive may not be correct, and try to think less of it if and when you can.


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