Discharge: Did I make the right decision?

Hi all, this morning I was discharged from a private clinic after a 4 week stint. I admitted to the psychiatrist last night before he left the decision up to me (I jumped at the chance to leave), that I still hear voices at night. Tonight they are incredibly troubling. They are saying all sorts of things from self destructive commands, to commentary, to trying to speak to my partner and her dogs. My partner does not like me constantly listening to music on my phone with my headphones on (which I used in hospital as a distraction tool), so my major way of coping with them has been eliminated.

Why question is to the community, did I do the right thing coming home?

Can you and your partner come to a compromise about music on the headphones? Surely it doesn’t have to be eliminated completely? Half on and half off or something? Maybe when your partner sees what you’re going through with them on and off they’ll better understand why you need them.

It’s good that you were allowed to make the decision of whether to go home. Can you go back if you want to? Anyway, you’ll only know by hindsight whether you made the right decision.

Hi Twang, I can return if I need to, but I can imagine it would create a big issue between my partner and I, as she hates me being hospitalised. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, I’m going to have to compromise with her regarding the headphones. I think I’m a bit shell-shocked at the moment because of the shock of being out in the ‘world’ and not being cushioned by the confines of the hospital. I think I’ll be okay (well I’m hoping I will). I see my psychiatrist again in October, so hopefully all goes well. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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