I am so depressed.
My manager gave me a task to reconcile the department costs from 2012 till 2015 YTD.
He asked me to focus on 3 major cost factors, i did my analysis based on that, there was another cost factor that had huge fluctuation, i tried to inquire about it but accounts asked me not to interfere with it so i stopped.

Today after one month my manager is asking me why i didn’t do my investigation for that cost factor and that he is disappointed with me.

The problem is that my manager himself told me not to inquire about it and just mention it in the presentation as it is.

I don’t have aproblem if i made a mistake, but i am sorry for myself for not knowing how to defend my position. I am so frustrated walla.

Thanks for listening.

Sorry to hear that. Some bosses are like that, I’ve had a few of those issues my self. They usually resolve them selves out.

Hope you feel better!

Maybe you can talk to him again and explain yourself and your actions to him.

Sounds like he might be frustrated with himself and is unleashing his anger towards you, this is a possibility.

Best of luck with everything @Sparso


Sounds like the managers at your company are S.O.B.'s. I would be extremely careful about pointing out your manager’s mistake. Hopefully the issue will be resolved in your favor without your input.

I recommend talking to him again, too. Wait until you’re feeling calm, and then schedule some time with your boss, and say that you understand that your report didn’t meet your manager’s expectations. Explain the issues you encountered, and ask for feedback on how your manager feels you could have better resolved them.

If your manager was being inconsistent, this will give him an opportunity to consider that. If there was a failure in communication, this will give you both a chance to understand each other better. If there was a lapse on your part, it will give you a chance to learn how to avoid it in the future. In any case, it will show your manager that you’re committed to doing a good job.

Good luck!


Hey man- I feel your struggle when it comes to following directions and then being blamed for doing nothing wrong.

People in positions of power and or authority enjoy taking their frustrations out on those who answer to them. Keep that in mind. You may be feeling upset and perhaps ruminating, even losing sleep over the assertion that you were “disappointing”, but your boss doesn’t care and is probably feeling fine himself.

Do explain if you are falsely accused of something. I mean state that you simply did what you were told, period.

Don’t let one little comment from someone who doesn’t really understand your character damage your integrity.

Now if you said you had just done something like not be true to your word to a good friend, such as “I will help you take care of your kids whilst you visit your dying father in the hospital” and then went to a bar instead, that would be something to feel guilty about.

You know you are not at fault, but your “gut feeling” is saying otherwise. This is formally called “ego dystonia”; knowing one thing and feeling another way.

I hope this is helps you out. I deal with this kind of stuff rather often.


Thanks @mortimermouse , today we are on the same page again, it seems sometimes i need to be pushed to frustration in order to put forward quality work.

Thank you @Rhubot @Wave @Minnii @crimby

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