Disappointed in my mum

she is a pain in the ass, i wish she would just stop nagging me

you all going to shame me for that?

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No. Carry on. 1515

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we are on here to get support so if we have thkings that affect us negatively i think it should be a safe place to vent without being picked on or judged :frowning:

its one of the reasons i am the way i am love or hate

Complain away. But for some people saying you hate a person is a little too strong. The only people we should hate are people who abuse other people.

i dont hate sunlion but there are a lot of haters out there, this forum is a big disappointment now btw idk why i get so much sh#t

Being disappointed is kind of your thing, isn’t it?


And the above emoji.

goldenrex idk what you are saying probably all bad but just so you know, there is no point in writing on my threads anymore or replying to me as you are on mute, just saying, you trigger the sh#t out of me :slight_smile:

I would put you on mute, but you’re too entertaining.

I’m lost, I must have missed that.

Phil says there’s bu-llsh-it everywhere.

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