Disappointed in God


That meme really applies to me today.

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“The workd IS bad but thats ok.”

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I feel like I have been thru so much I wonder why God did this to me, I feel it is so unfair and unjust, I hope he will heal my mind and protect the ones I love, that is all I ask


If there were no aliens playing God, the world might be a better place. I don’t know. Maybe they keep people in check.

I don’t blame God for anything and I’m not disappointed.

I have schizophrenia because of drugs, mainly. Pretty shitty roll of the dice but it is what it is.

God can be harsh but he is a loving and forgiving God. I’ve experienced the God of the old testament. Ever since I’ve been an evangelical ( or try to be), my suffering has diminished. Sometimes, it feels whatever I believe sort of comes true. These computer simulators can be such assholes sometimes.

I feel like the bible is wrong but I still want to believe. I fill my head with junk constantly. I need to start reading it again.

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