Do you wanna sometimes just

#disappear ?


Or do you wanna sometimes just



I’m too busy being calm to disappear…

I feel like I’m the atmosphere to begin with. Very hazy and I am the other dimesnion

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I disappeared long, long, ago starting in high school.


As a middle aged woman, I feel that I disappeared right around the age of 48. All women do disappear right around that age, you know. It’s like we don’t even exist anymore. We just get ignored. People look right past us.


I must be the oddball because I’ve never considered myself anything but “plain” looking most my life, maybe I just wanted to go unnoticed for most my life…maybe, but,

48 was one of the best years of my life…no shortage of men looking at me…?


Interesting. I am one of those gals that had no shortage of attention. I felt like I was preyed on by men when I was younger. Actually, it wasn’t just a feeling. It was painful and I don’t miss it. I rarely go out now so I am safer plus I go to school with 18 to 22 year olds. I LOVE feeling normal and like one of the group! It is so relaxing and safe feeling. It is painful to stick out. It makes a person feel targeted. I like to feel pretty, I just don’t like the punishment that goes along with it.

edit: but…I wouldn’t want to be utterly ignored either. I can imagine that would also be painful

After visiting one lawyer’s office in March 2000 I did disappear … but here I :smile: am … there I went to

I disappeared so much that the only address I had was a mailbox in one self-storage faclity where I kept my things …

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I did disappear …

There I went …

my problem is not with men or anything like that - I wanna disappear from my thoughts and life - it is a rollercoaster of adventure seeking spirit and then just live this life and just die .

Sometimes I wanna die just in hopes of being able to see loved ones and friends that have died already but I don’t know about dissappear what would I do to survive o.o I’ve never spent a day of my life in the wild trying to survive

I guess I wanna disappear into darkness - to wherever I was before being born.

Hmm very interesting to think about… if there is life after death , is there life before life?

who knows?! life is a mystery we still can not comprehend.

Yes let’s dissappear we can go catch pixies and sprinkle their dust on us and then we can fly like Peter pan… we just have to manage to keep thinking happy thoughts

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yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah =)

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I believe in life after death. I believe we are all connected to that life and it to us. It is called Collective Consciousness. We are all connected, living and dead. I also think once you die, you are free from the pains and abuses of this world. You also take complete accountability for your mistakes. Its a place of infinite intelligence and peace.

Having said that; physical life on earth is SO precious! I think those that have passed on watch us like celebrities rooting us on. I have sometimes gotten kinda tired of it all. Didn’t really want to ‘disappear’ but rather die. I had that happen recently but I always come back to the realization that being here is such a very blessed thing.
I hope you don’t disappear!

I feel to old now to disappear, will be glad when I go to my final resting place and the brain turns off, not that I want that, but not fearful of it. That will be the only disappearing I do now though