Disability exam

I had an exam yesterday it said physical but it included eye exam breathing memory test and mental history background.i was previously diagnosed schzioaffective. I’m now personality disorder paranoid borderline fectures ADHD symptoms and on medication but Dr refuses official diagnosis. I was asked if had hallucinations or heard things at moment said no but use to be on invega which is for hallucinations and also for mood stabilizer I mentioned been hospitalized several times anxiety depression also leg aches restless legs hard interact people complete tasks understand . I have mentioned hallucinations before but really it’s me joking around or seeing shadow describing it as person or thinking people know what think. Does make me look bad I didn’t describe some of this?I also knew the name of neighborhood u was in drs appointment but not city I was driven I don’t drive. I couldn’t think didn’t want to look like liar exaggerating. I was on invegA if I really needed it when I was on it would dosage have needed to be increased over time

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It would be easier for us to understand you if you break your posts up into paragraphs. Everything is running together and it’s hard to figure out exactly what you are asking.


What was the exam for, was it a psychiatrist?

Dr did eye exam,breathing,memory,background waiting to hear back how it went