Disability exam

So im supposed to get an exam tomorrow for my disability application and I’m freaking out cause I don’t know what to expect. Does anyone know?

Is it just like a regular psych visit? Or is it more in depth?? Like can they hospitalize you on the spot? What happens?


Best of luck noice…hope u
will get it …

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Thank you my dude. I hope so too. :slight_smile:

Good luck noise. I’m in a different country so I don’t know. But I’m wishing you all the best.

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Well I’ll take all the good vibes I can get! Thank you!

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They’ll send you to one of their doctors. It may be a psychiatrist. I’d imagine it would be!

No actually she’s a psychologist I was actually going to see her before but she didn’t take my insurance.

The appointment is tomorrow and I’m scared cause I have to be super open with her and i dont know what to expect

I think anyone who takes your insurance isn’t a bad thing in the states.

I think that is half your problem but I’m just an internet hack.

You can make a drama…You seem good at that…As far as schizophrenia…I’d say not but who am I?

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But she doesnt take my insurance the government is paying her to see me. But yeah I agree if I didn’t have insurance I’d be screwed.

And Im not trying to start drama did I do something? I am sza. I’m just scared about this appointment.

You claim to be DID. That and sz aff is seriously in the ball park of amazing things. You don’t see a psydoc and yeah your right a therapist has some things apparently but you mix it up pretty well.

I may be wrong and good luck to you. You don’t present as a sz and a simple internet search says DID can hear voices and such…I wonder…You’ve been on the internet for years…

What website were you on before this one? I am curious because your not shy…and I suspect your not schizophrenic!

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Hey @rogueone Maybe ease up a little on @Noise. They’re already nervous enough about their disability exam tomorrow. No sense increasing the nerves.

@Noise. I would recommend you get some sleep and try to relax before your exam tomorrow.


Respect your authority @Moonbeam !

Still not impressed!


I think I’m just going to play some games cause unfortunately I’m feeling wide awake because of this. Thank you though I’ll try to sleep soon.

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So I went to my exam I don’t think it went very well I feel like I was a bit too jumpy and at one point when she was asking about my trauma I cried. I dissociated a bit after I feel so drained now. But now all I can do is wait and see.


The more of a low functioning mess you appear as in front of the disability people, the better. I can’t get Ssi because I’m too high functioning but I still seem to get welfare since my therapist feels I’m still very much a mess.

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I guess that makes sense but honestly I was just terrified out of my wits. And I feel kinda dead now. :disappointed:

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@Noise what country are you in?

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I’m in the u.s.

I’m up for review in the next few months @Noise. I wonder if I’ll be asked to do the same.

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I don’t know this is my first time applying :thinking: What are reviews like?