Disability day of mourning

March 1st is the disability day of mourning, which mourns the disabled lives murdered by their caregivers.


I love the art, but that’s a terrible thing…

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Beautiful image @laetitia. So sad that this even happens

I wanted to private message you, but your profile is not available. I was wondering if you would be willing to take a shot at drawing an image for me?

I can send you a very rough sketch that I’ve done, but it really needs an artist’s touch

So sad. It’s so awful that caretakers snap like that

@Pianogal @dcragg65 @Abise
It is a terrible thing…and speaking of this, a murder happened last week. And the victim was disabled.

As a physically disabled person, this makes me extremely scared. I rely on help of others most days.

I’m not really good at drawing people, but I can try to draw something else if you’d like :slight_smile:


I hope you never get mistreated like that @laetitia

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I certainly hope so. It happens quite often, especially to people with autism and intellectual disabilities. People think disabled lives aren’t worth living. It’s scary.

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Okay, this is just a very rough sketch of what I had in mind. It would look great in your style. The lettering is wonky, but the messages “War is Obsolete”. And that’s supposed to be the world in the centre

I could try that! I’ve been stuck in schoolwork so hopefully I’ll get something out soon for you!

Yes, it is scary. I worry about being mistreated too but just because I’m considered schizoaffective.

Yeah. It really scares me because caregivers often have their power over us. I have limited leg function so I doubt that I can fight for myself…


I’m sorry @laetitia . I hope you never have to worry about it