I’m not in control of my brain, but my speech is coherent. (I’m having a crisis)

If mind is chaotic, speech becomes chaotic too. No?

No, not for now… but i’m going down if anyone push me up

Hey Green mind hand in in there.
I’m assuming you’re getting a med adjustment then everything will be fine again.

My doc is absent and the new docter want to maintain meds…but i’m sick, i’m getting worse and worse. (Very suspicious)

That is unusual. Hm.
I’d go to ae if it continues too much.
Especially if it get to point that you feel you’re a danger to yourself and others.

I said i don’t want to up my meds if it was not extremelly necessary…but now i think i should accept an highier medication…i want to avoid hospitalization

Guys… do you think a mental illness is just a bad personallity? Lack of resistance with social pressure? People around me act like if mental illness is something we can control by improving our personallity. How wrong is this?

Maybe even just a small upping of medication. Could make a difference. Idk.

Best of luck

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If you’re having a crisis and losing control of your thoughts then call your psychiatrist or go to hospital.

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