Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) safe to take with abilfiy? Also (Sex topic)

Has anyone ever taken Benadryl with antipsychotics? I have read a few testaments of people saying it increased there orgasm but would this work while being on antipsychotics also?

You’ve gotta learn to read your body. Good climaxes come from good prostate & semen health. If your semen is weak, your climaxes will be weak. Work on your diet; no, exercise is not mandatory as self-pleasuring is of itself an exercise of all the proper organs you’re trying to experience a release from.

semen affects my intensity of my orgasms? really? wow lol thats weird… or maybe its the direct antagonism effect to the D2 receptors and other receptors?

I’ve been on Abilify (still am) and don’t have problems down there, though…

My only problem with Abilify has been curbing hunger cravings & slight fat gain. There is some decreased energy output, though.