Dinner thread


What should I get for dinner?

  • Steak at the grocery store cook it with a1 sauce
  • Steak Burrito at Mexican restaurant

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Well either way I’m having steak. They’re about the same price as each other. $7


Last time I went to the Mexican restaurant I will probably end up going to. It’s take out. Well I ordered a burger by accident instead of burrito you should have seen the look on her face.


I’d go for the more affordable grocery goods.


I think I am going for steak too but I didn’t defrost any so I will have to go out for it.


It was more expensive then I thought. $9 for all this though


Oh that’s so much better than what I’m eating


That looks really good.


The third of it that I ate was!! It was huge!!


Mexican restaurants give you a lot of food for what you pay.


That is very true. I think it is because it is relatively cheap to make.


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