Dimension hopper

Thoughts of an afterlife and suicide. If I think this is probably it then I am less likely to commit suicide than believing I can wake up in Limbo or Heaven. This is when it’s better to doubt. Has anyone here thought they could escape this world into another? It’s dangerous.

That reminds me of Inception; waking up somewhere else.

I think there is an afterlife, however there is plenty to enjoy during this lifetime on Earth.

Best not to ruminate on alternate dimensions/afterlife etc, cos you could get lost thinking about such things.

If you feel suicidal, please call a suicide help line and/or contact a family member.

Take care.

I often feel like I’m pulled into alternate realities, parallel dimensions or what have you.

None of them have seemed to be a valid alternative.

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I like the White Castle sliders better :hamburger:

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Now I have cravings.

[ bites @iconoclast_01 on BOTH ankles and then sulks under the couch ]


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