Digitizing dad's art

Over the past 5 years I have been trying to photograph and scan a lot of my dad’s artworks. I digitized about 40 of his paintings so far. I am just using a point and shoot digital camera and GIMP to correct perspective and lens flare plus cropping and a little color and gamma correction. Here are 4 of my pix:

(I just noticed my cropping errors on the white background… oh well, a little more tweaking to do.)


Pretty amazing*****

Your Dad was a very good painter. Lovely work.

Thanks everyone… he is 91 now and he is a bit too arthritic to paint but he is still doing art on his computer. I guess when he went to art school he was creating a painting a week, most of which he gave away to other students and teachers. He also used to do murals in people’s homes (and in a couple bars :slight_smile: )

great stuff…

Very cool stuff! You dad is a great artist! :smiley: