Diffrent dreams

What kinda dreams have u been having lately?

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I’ve been having one of two dream subjects recently.

One is of a neighbourhood cat. The other subject of my dreams is my dead Nana.

I don’t know… usually I have very graphic dreams and remember them in the morning…

real life reflections…
last night or morning, I dreamt of a paper spider. I touched it and they multiplied. They were on transparent papers and black… funny. I should look into dream interpretation.

I recently started keeping a dream journal. Last night, I dreamt it was the last day of highschool, but it took place at my old middle school.

my dreams are often very realistic, short ones. I do something that I’d do in my daily life but the catch is I sometimes don’t know that it didn’t happen. like I’ll talk about it and people will correct me, often… sometimes I can tell if they’re real or not though. depending on how realistic they are. the other night I had a dream I caught a bunch of rats in my house and put them in a box and dumped them into an old cage I have. apparently I wanted them. I knew this did not happen. :slight_smile: hahaha

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