Difficulty with my walking

no, I can walk fine, it’s the way my arms swing when I walk that is what’s bugging me. I just don’t have the normal look of someone swinging their arms when they walk. I hope it’s not as noticeable as I think it is. It used to really annoy my mom and my family when I would walk this way…I haven’t paid attention to it since forever. what should I do?


maybe find a physical rehabilitation therapist?

if you walk fine then I wouldn’t worry about it at all… parents have a way to make their kids insecure about stupid things like that.

I have joint hypermobility which causes some of my joints to move strangely. It used to make my sister crazy and I’ve spent my life overly-aware of it as a result. I just try not to pay attention to it now; I don’t think anything can be done short of elective surgery. I wouldn’t worry about it if possible. Critical people have a way of causing others to be permanently self-conscious for no good reason. Not a single person in my lifetime has asked me what’s wrong with my elbows or knees–not even my husband; it was exclusively a problem for my sister.

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swinging arm is my habit too. sometimes, pocketing it helps. switching arms help too.

after a while, my swinging arm gets sore, so it can be a problem.

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I swing my arms, too. It drove my mom crazy. She told me I had gorilla arms :gorilla:

But I figure, it’s really not hurting anyone, and it feels natural to me, so what does it matter? If someone else doesn’t like it, that’s their problem!


The military taught me how to walk. 6 to the front 3 to the rear that’s the way we do it here.

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I swing my arms. Its nothing to worry about much. Im sure no one notices.

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thanks everyone. I don’t seem to notice it today. yesterday it was scaring the hell outta me. all in my mind I think.