Different voices

For those of you who hear voices an have been voice free for awhile then have the voices return do the sound of the voices change?

I was doing great for many years now I’m hearing voices again an the voices sound different from before.

Anybody notice this?

@TheVoices, I have had sza since I was in my late teens, I am now 59, and I never heard voices until I was in my mid 40’s. So, yes, things can change definitely. Symptoms change all the time with this illness. Some years you have depression and suicidal thinking, some years you have hallucinations and delusions, some years you are manic, some years you have delusions of reference, some years you have thought broadcasting and thought reception, some years you have all the above, and some years you have no symptoms, etc…etc…

@SkinnyMe thank you. I’m 33 now an have had sz since 21. It seams when my symptoms return after awhile the sound of the voices change.

Happened to me totally different voices. I beat sz before went into remission for about 5 yrs. Then I relapsed n heard different voices this time around most of who I know. My voices seem to be always of people in affiliated with. Anyhow the first time I got rid of the voices I quit smoking and drinking for like 6 months. I do believe as is a imbalance in brain chemistry. I started smoking n drinking again. You have to quit drinking n smoking to let the meds truly do their job, something I haven’t accepted yet.

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Two of my hallucinations change voices.
I call them “the voice changers”. They can easily manipulate their voices to make sure that I do something bad to myself.

Iv been voice free for 7 weeks so I’ll let you know if mine change

whats wrong @voices? anything change in you life? i’ve never been voice free. but my delusions change. helpfully i lost a lot of them now they are comming bach- thinned out a little. i used to have a voice change at every location- the neighbors. living in one place for a while now

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