Different jobs

My first job I was 17 I worked in a supermarket I was really nervous on the till. One day a guy came in I put his shopping in the till. Turned to get payment and he ran off without paying
Then I had an overnight care job looking after an elderly women. I had to cook her a roast dinner. She sat at the table saying "where is this dinner? I’m gunna pass out"I got £50 for that job
Age 19 I became dental suregery assistant trainee at a dental school. I was there 18 months and was completely mute. I never qualified. I made mess of the. Oral exam . The examiner was very stuck up and wouldn’t let me pass
I had other disasterous jobs. All them have turned out bad but I have a working history as I stuck some jobs. I am good with computers
Any one had bad job experience

in the way of media ebooks and music and movies u can find just about all there is free of charge without paying for it and tv shows

I have had almost as many jobs as people I have slept with and that is ka-white a few…
Maybe 100

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i had several jobs most of which i didn’t have much longer than a year most

go jk rowling

by the way i saw ronald weasley driving a truck in tulsa ok

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