Different Beliefs about the Devil and schizophrenia

You said: “the voice of anti-psychotic is harmonious” as an explanation. You said that sz is the voice of the Devil. These are your claims. I have been discussing the implications of those claims. You can insult me as much as you like, but I have taken you and your claims absolutely seriously, taken trouble and effort to understand and communicate with you and even defended you. So I think you are angry because the discussion has revealed the logical flaws in your argument. I don’t care at all if you are angry with me. I do care if people suffer unnecessarily because they are influenced by your foolish anti-meds arguments with a fake religious foundation.

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I had delusional beliefs about being wrapped up in a belief system with me on a space ship headed to fire lake and delivering the devil to fire lake. this really played with my head and I don’t like to talk about the “d”. I think we should avoid talking about the “d”.

If i want make you feel angry,it is so easy to me

1- although ,you do not know the symptoms of the schizophrenia,
but you talking about its cause and the treatment means and give boring advice .
WHY …?

you belief that,schizophrenia does not exist
so that,you have not recognition with its symptoms
thus,you can not diagnosis the schizophrenia
you should ask the person with sz: do you have schizophrenia ?

what is the schizophrenia for your eyes ?
it is public myth as a result of family power,social,
schoolteacher,boss…etc and the impacts of bad education,
the belief with the religious beliefs {all are false in your eyes}

in sum,you imagine that,the religious beliefs of public causing
the mental default ( the case so-called sz }

thus,you fighting the religious beliefs {whatever it is }
as a way to treatment the sz and its problems

simply,you do not talking about the symptoms of schizophrenia,
because you do not know what is it,you can not diagnosis the sz ,
you focus your attention {ONLY} to the religious beliefs of the person
during his speech or writing or expression,AND whatever he says,
you classified the substantive content of the person as the symptoms
of the schizophrenia (delusional beliefs whatever its content}

simply:if any person in the world has talks about his own religious beliefs
he is a schizophrenic person in your eyes ,because the belief in God causing
the schizophrenia

This shallow theory is cognitive vomiting resulting from intellectual toxicity,
causing sudden inflammation in the thinking glands and high proportion of
anger feelings and excessive liquidity in the fluids of fanfare

You are wrong again. I have a religious belief. I have studied it well and have been asked to teach it on university courses. I am able to discuss religious belief without insisting on my own point of view and without insulting the other person.

I entered this discussion with you because you clearly had something you wanted to tell everyone - that schizophrenia is cause by the Devil - and I chose to discuss with you the implications of that belief.

I think now that everybody who reads this can understand what you believe and they can accept or reject it according to their own experiences and beliefs and rationality.

As far as I am concerned that’s a good outcome. You expressed everything.

You advocated a good and pious life as a cure in one of your posts. In my faith a pious person does not insult people who hold different views or faiths. You can disagree, but if you discuss other people’s beliefs with them, you must do it “in the best of ways.” I am willing to discuss but not argue. I said that in the beginning.

I think in your post you are arguing with yourself because I didn’t say those things you accuse me of, you did.

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I am not wrong,all what you said is related the religious beliefs “theological” ,and you said that
you study the religious beliefs in the university !!
for example;do you talk about the biochemistry of the schizophrenic brain ?
do you talk about the symptoms of sz ?

-no and no,and you talk about the religious belief,
and appear your self as a pious,
while the reality is not like that !

I can make discussion, with the believers with the different religious beliefs,
but i do not make that with the disbelievers !!!
the same thing,i can not make discussion with someone believes that
sz is a myth and does not exist and there is no realistic symptoms to diagnosis the nothing

-this mean that you are not psychological,and do not study the schizophrenia in the university as it as in the eyes of the psychiatrist,and thus, you do not know the symptoms of schizophrenia as it as in the medical references,and you can not diagnosis the sz from observations its behavioral symptoms {negative and positive symptoms},and you enough to listen to the religious beliefs of the person to diagnosis the sz randomly

How can you make any discussion about the devil,while you do not know what is the devil nature in himself? where he is ? what is the activities of devil ? what is the impacts of devil on the main nature of human being ? what is different between the soul,and devil,?
why you use the terms {devil-satan-bad spirit-demons-ghost-archfiend-hag-lucifer-bally …etc)
although they are one single entity ?

you can say the cause of schizophrenia,the causality factors ,the defective gene,
the social factors,the psychosis,the hallucination,the devil …etc
but in all cases,you can not give evidence to prove the credibility

YOU are wrong 100%,if think that,he is a rational person who is believes that the biological causes is the cause of sz,or the sz is genetic disease …etc and the person becomes
irrational if he beliefs that the devil is the cause of sz.
the result is the same in all cases( the impossibility of diagnosis /evidence /prove }
I say that and confront the world all time of my own lifetime ,and all what you know
or say about that do not make any different

NO ONE OF YOU will be read this sentence in any day: the researchers find the gene of the schizophrenia !! because the DEVIL is not a good / bad human gene
*you think this is a false theory,but the days will prove that what is say is correct 100%
-you have 25 years to find ANY cause of the schizophrenia !

to prove that i am wrong,tell us about the schizophrenia and its symptoms and reject
the speech about the religious issues…you can not do that !!

i have to disagree. look at what is going on in this discussion… lol

LOOK at what you said;
I really do want to understand people’s belie SYSTEM,and generally i believe

=you use the term “people’s belief system”,instead to use the term
"religious beliefs of people "
-the religion is a worship not a system
=all beings are deluded,you meant the religious beliefs lead to the delusion,
and the sz is a delusional beliefs “as you think”
-this means that,the worship or the religious beliefs are lead to the schizophrenia .
-the treatment of sz “as you think” is a readjustment the religious beliefs,or
modification the religious behavior of the schizophrenics to adapt with the realistic life,or cancel !

Because, you do not know the inner event of sz in the schizophrenic,and do not
know the cause of sz,and do not know the devil or his functional activity over
the mental outputs"the thoughts/perceptions}

,so that you have not any idea that
the devil have impact on the cognitive content {the cultural content}, including all personal known information about oneself and all things of the world,his personal view for any thing,even the
events that be stored in the personal memory

the personal religious beliefs information {or his existential view to the universe } is the main aspect from the cognitive aspects that be attacked by the devil ,through real bilateral discussion with the mind of the schizophrenic using inner vocal audible thoughts as a new way to achievement the inner communication,

and the main goal of devil is to uses the religious beliefs /cultural believes to falsely the person’s beliefs "no matter what it is},

,and above of all,the devil has seeks to using some events of social relationships,that has been established between the person and some people from the community to activate his plan {mix the social relations events with the components of religious beliefs}…etc

you talk about the sz or the devil,without you know the real inner story,and what is arise the laugh you deny the real events ,and you seek to appear the real story as a theory or else

you spend your time to talk about people views,buddhist,shintoists,ancient greeks,
polytheist,pantheist and else

in sum,when i talk about the realistic schizophrenia,please,listen to me ,and do not appear your self as you have knowledge with the truth,
=you should know that,when you talk about the voices that be heard by the schizophrenic,it the voice of the devil inspiration and its not the voice of prophecy

You are not discussing with good intent. You make no attempt to understand the other party’s point. You jump backwards and forwards and contradict yourself when you like, and you make accusations which are clearly false. So I see that you have no intention of finding any solution or helping anybody else to find a solution. You only want to be acknowledged as the “he who has all the answers.” I say “belief systems” because this is an open forum and not everyone here has a religion. But everyone has some kind of belief system. And this forum is for supporting people with sz and their carers. If a discussion contributes to that, fine. But if it’s all about you knowing everything, and the rest of the world being so stupid they can’t see that, I suggest you go and set up your own “Devil” cult website.

I think you are right out from under your bridge now, AtAb, so I am going to leave you there in the open.