Different Beliefs about the Devil and schizophrenia

in the bible thedevil is a fallen angel that is cast out by God for not accepting to bow down to adam and eve
he also appears as a snake when eve eats the apple that is forbidden
the devil takes many forms
Am scared of the devil as i think am going to hell

What is the explanation for the fact that many people with sz who see or hear the Devil or demons stop seeing or hearing him/them when they take anti-psychotic medication?

AP medication alters the brain and blocks pathways of perception. I know someone who had a gift of healing and lost it after taking meds. Another person lost their clairvoyance. So in those cases they lost good gifts due to the meds, and they were not given the meds to rid them of these gifts.
And in some cases people still experience the demons anyways.
IF it is a demon (It may or may not be depending on the individual situation), they are still around even if meds shut down the perception - so they have then succeeded in making you reliant on a chemical for a long time.

I don’t think the devil causes schizophrenia.

I think schizophrenics are more susceptible to him however, so more likely to be plagued by demons. Also, sometimes the possessed are confused for being schizophrenic.

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So, in your belief system, clairvoyance is good. In some it is bad - a deception, a sugar coating on the poison, a tiny piece of truth to keep you listening, one of the Devil’s wiles to encourage you to keep paying attention to him. How do you know whether you are being seduced and traduced or not? How do you pick and choose your voices and messages? Isn’t the very idea that you can a sign of grandiosity or arrogance?

I know you don’t take meds, Anna, but I knowyou also fight to overcome and ignore the things you see.

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It all depends on how ones clairvoyance is used. Of course deceivinbg spirits can operate through it, but the term itself simply means someone able to see visions, see beyond, etc. I don’t go for those TV psychics and all that nonsense.
I don’t think it is grandiose or arrogant if you test the spirits according to the Word of god and deal with them accordingly. Don’t listen to demons, test anything questionable, receive revelations from God and angels…

So, you are a prophet?

Edited to add: A tablet can take away a gift given by an omnipotent god? A tablet can defeat the Devil? Isn’t that a contradiction?

the term he is here for is known as “trolling”

No, I think he’s genuine in his beliefs. I don’t share them, but equally I don’t feel provoked by them. Trolls try to enrage people, don’t they?

he could be genuine about what he believes , its more someone who wants to start controversy , unreasonable , condescending towards other views, power tripping on there own agendas etc …
im just saying it may not be worth your efforts is all.

Except that I really do want to understand people’s belief systems, and generally I believe that all human beings are deluded, it’s just a matter of degree. I kind of see it as our central life’s task - to peel off the layers and get closer and closer to the truth. But I think we do it together. So I never feel am wasting my time. Even if I don’t agree with someone it makes me reflect on myself. I am supposedly a muggle, as DarkSith calls us but I had some sz symptoms when I wasyounger. Today I caught myself in some pretty grandiose thinking. And so on.

But I think it is useful to get people’s stuff out in the open in this thread, rather than it coming in “off-topic” everywhere else.

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Of course That’s fair

Answer: An internet ‘troll’ is an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities.

Personally I feel those that keep putting him down and belittling him, treating him like he is of zero value and starting arguments with him are the trolls.

I think it’s quite normal for people to get irritated with each other from time to time. We see it all the time on these boards and in daily life. There are flare-ups and reconciliations.
I also see that some members have a point they really want to get across, they feel it is vital and they tend to bring it up again and again. Other people get annoyed because to them it seems tangential to whatever is being discussed, or simply because they don’t agree.
I think the best thing to do, if someonehas something they urgently want to discuss, is to discuss it. That’s what this forum is for, isn’t it? But when you discuss such things, I do think you have to accept that people can ask what your purpose is.

For example, it is OK, according to the rules, to discuss your beliefs, but “missionary work” is not permitted. Yet, there’s quite a lot of “come to Jesus” posting, and that can annoy non-Christians. Still, since those beliefs are part of the people who are posting and who have sz or who are supporting
people with sz, it is correct to allow them. Buddhist stuff crops up, but extremely anti-Muslim stuff has been permitted, even though there are a lot of Muslim members.

I think it is reasonable to ask about the purpose of people who don’t think they’ve got sz, or who are not family members, etc. It raises the issue that they could possibly be missionaries or trolls.

I am not bothered by it, as i have seen it on occasion before directed at myself, and many other members on various forums over the years.

Like Hatty said, I am genuine in my beliefs, just as anyone who wholeheartedly believes something will speak and write about those beliefs.
the title of the thread in fact is “DIFFERENT BELIEFS about the Devil and SZ” so that will naturally receive many differing responses, not all which will agree.

A person may receive a prophecy, or have the gift of prophecy that occasionally gives them insight into knowledge unknown to them, or of a future event. That does not necessarily make them a prophet, especially in the Biblical sense.
I note that most self proclaimed prophets utter numerous errors in predictions which they try to predict almost daily, and have major grandiosity issues. I’ve known some who will not allow anyone to question or debate their decrees and will shut off anyone who tries. They can also form cult followings and at times these become downright dangerous, like Heavens gate cult that committed suicide based on the teachings and lies of their prophet…

A tablet cannot defeat God or the devil but it can affect a person individually. At times God and the devil may still speak to a person despite what they take. Also, certain alkaloids and chemical substances open the doors of the mind to be even more sensitive to the spirit realm - (Peyote, Ayahausca, Mushrooms, and other plants used by shamans for millenia for this very purpose)

People individually have varying degrees of perception. Some have little to none, or they explain away what they do have. others have the doors of their perception wide open. If people have open perception and are dabbling in occult practices, or neglecting God, they can be susceptible to infiltration by the devil and it can certain cause a person to have SZ symptoms, though I don’t think every person with Sz symptoms is automatically afflicted by the devil…there can be other reasons, like extreme paranoia being a subconscious survival mechanism brought on by traumas in ones life…

You know that,the voice of anti-psychotic is harmonious,while the voice of satan is rude,
so that the person with sz focus his auditory attention towards the melodious voice
of the anti-psychotic for lifetime without blase

This is very clearly a false analogy. That is, if one believes in the Devil as some kind of being, clearly it is possible for him/it to have a “voice”, but it is equally clear that no medication can be “a being” with any kind of “voice” or any kind of desire, will, or personal qualities. So no medication can have a “harmonious voice”. Not unless you grant the medication some kind of independent will, at which point you are going along with the Shintoists of Japan or the Ancient Greeks who attribute spirits r small gods even to inanimate things. Again, that’s your choice of belief. A monotheist would say that your illness or your spiritual tribulation is your destiny, written for you by your creator. It is a trial by which you will reduce your punishment and raise your rank in the next world, if you accept it and see it as valuable for that purpose. A monotheist would also say, that just as the creator sent your trial, so he sends the relief in the form of medical help, social support, your potential for self-discipline. So, what I see from your answers is that you attribute power to things other than your creator And lunaseer is a polytheist or pantheist, as are most believers in shamanism etc.

What you could learn from the other people on this forum is precisely that when they accept their trial and its nature and seek relief and take advantage of the medication, they usually do find that the voices they hear, whether seductive or terrorizing, can be defeated, and then they can develop in their own characters, ethics, social relations, etc…

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,Where your mind , do you believe that i believe the medication have any voice ?
You have no sense to understand the joke !!

Whether,you are theological,philosophical or social,
you have no idea about the schizophrenia

Spend your time to made-up false relationships between the schizophrenia
and the religious beliefs or existentialism believes or socialism mores,you are
mythologist ,stay outside the box of knowledge , whatever your fantasy novel

you can give attention to the high fashion not to the sz nature or its cause