‘Different approaches needed to deal with different types of schizophrenics’


In the case,if you know and understand the internal logic of the condition be called Schizophrenia ,
You should say "Schizophrened individual " instead to say Schizophrenic patient

In the other side

  • How verbs,pronouns and adjectives…etc driven from a word (schizophrenia ) that is not rooted from the English language in which you speak,think and understand the world of things ?

If you say,schizophrenic patient , it is as if you writing about a person living in another planet Such as Saturn !

The person with sz is not manufacturer himself , but he was manufactured by the effect of Hallucination in the existence of any current external environmental conditions,culture,learning,social and throughout their frame /content !

All of you speaking English and are unable to drive any word from the word (schizophrenia ) -it is very strangest behavior !
I never using the word (schizophrenia ) but using a word from my original language ,therefor I can driven the correct verbs,pronouns …etc !

They’re supposed to call us patients with schizophrenia now. Did Korea not get the memo?

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In the case,if they say (schizophrenic patient ) ,it means in reality they must know exactly the Disease which be called schizophrenia

In the case,if they say ( person with schizophrenia ),it means in reality they are unable to know /determine the nature of the condition be called (schizophrenia ),the condition unknown to them at all -

I didn’t really think schizophrenics were aggressive, just persecuted. My mother had schizophrenia and was never aggressive to anyone, besides her children. She was forced to go to court once for making a remark to a couple harassing her on a bus. Probably just because they thought she was nuts and didn’t understand what she was talking about. People lie about me, all the time.


When you say ;schizophrenic (s)
It understood in your language that,the person is the Actor (effect ) and then he responsible completely about what he says,acts or behaves towards all individuals of society,while the person in actual reality is the affected by the schizophrenic factor (hallucination) and the environmental stimuli

There-fore the person with sz should be called by word (schizophrened or / schizophrenied ) like the person with depression be called Depressed

The soul of wisdom ; A schizophrenied is not born but made