Difference in partners religion

Does your difference in religion than your partner matter much in your relationship? She hates that I am atheist. BUT hear me out, she claims to have concreted her faith in god because of some dream she had.

Yes, my wife is a true believer and I am skeptical about everything (including the motivation atheists have for being atheists by the way).

It sometimes leads to very thorny conversations where she is offering platitudinous advice like “You shouldn’t be negative” or “Thank the Lord for all things” … when I am looking for understanding and sympathy.

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Platitudinous advice yeah I know what you mean there. I tell her the scientific aspect, but its like her mind is set on how she believes.

My husband and I have the same beliefs-god, yes, but the rest of the stuff is a bit much. Neither like hypocrites.
Personal beliefs are best respected in silence. If you can’t agree, don’t bring it up.

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Ok. You got me. I clicked on this thinking “how could difference in religion be an issue unless she is slaughtering cows in your living room?” I should have seen that one coming. -.-

I’ve had mostly good luck in my partners respecting my beliefs and the difference in beliefs not affecting our relationship. I mostly don’t bring it up to them, and neither them to me. There’s really no point in discussing it. It’s not like either person can change the other’s belief.

But a relationship CAN work. You just have to be respectful of each other.



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I don’t mind atheists as long as they have respect. I dot mind that they choose not to believe in God but I don’t like them abusing religion or God. If they have respect, I can live with them.

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lol. When she does that I just stay out of the living room.

I have no religion, but I respect other’s. My husband has no religion. But our son believes in god. We have raised our children to think for them selves and making their own decision of what they believe. Our other son (autistic) does not believe in god. He is a typical Darwinist.

He who watchs shadows in a box tv ite prays on it victom with jokes and laughter no I’m not talk about schizophrenia I’m just saying normals are all sankton to the tube.

Yeah but eventually you have to face facts. It’s your house too and that is a lot of blood… carpet shampoo party!
Heck, cleaning that up might be a job for an entire town…

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I look at my parents and with the mix bag of genetics that we are I’m glad they didn’t try and find religion. Science was easier.

My Dad… Half Mexican, half Scottish … so half Church of Scotland half Spanish Catholic
My Mom… half American Mix, half Japanese… so half Buddhist half Protestant

We have a Jamaican Great Grandfather in the mix so add some Rastafari beliefs along with our Wiccan Aunt and our Jewish Uncle and there is NO WAY we would ever manage a strict religious belief.

Our family is also so flipping large that we sort of mush it all up and mix it how we want it.

I used to have this long delusional lecture about the Salad bar of Religion. the humble lettuce was Buddhist and the dressing was the pomp and ceremony of the Catholic and the spice was the Rastafari…

I still feel like we sort of take what we like out of all the cultures beliefs.

But despite all the dogma of any religion, we try and be kind, patient and caring people anyway. :wink:

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Would the salad dressing be the Rastafari? OOOOH OOOOH THEY COULD BE THE BACON BITS!!!
<3 bacon.

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