Difference between being lazy and having negative symptoms?

Got diagnosed when I was 23 now I am thirty. After in and out of psych wards and rehabs for six times I finally understood that I need meds for my health in 2019 since then till now I am doing great health wise.

The main problem in my life is I am dependent on my parents, who are old. I don’t have a job. We are financially in a good place but my guilt of not being able to earn my own living remains.

I cannot put my concentration on anything for a long time.

To go to a job seems like a big thing to me… I feel too nervous and anxious about how I can handle such things.

No motivation at all as well. I leave a task mid way even simple ones.

So how to differentiate between laziness and negatives?

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I think it’s lazy not to battle the negatives. This is a fight, and as with any fight you have to give it your all to win, or just stay on the floor and tap out

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You are quite right.

Getting up in the morning with peace is a big issue for me sleep quality isn’t good.

My solution to this is to get up at least 2 hours before I go to work.

This means I can drink enough coffee and smoke enough cigarettes to wake up

It also gives me time to make my lunch, take meds etc etc

These things are hard for me, so I just do them in my own time and give myself that time

There are ways around things

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I am on my way to quit cigarrettes …too damaging for me and I don’t drink coffee or tea.

I have to replace them with excercise and yoga… I am taking baby steps in that direction.

Exercise is good. I used to do swimming but Covid shut the gym. I hope it re-opens soon

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I think the difference is in the fight.

Leaving a task mid-way through seems like leaving the fight. Taking a short break and coming back is staying in the fight. Powering through and having negative consequences for days/weeks is fighting too hard.

Stay in the fight, my friend. I know it’s hard, but you gotta try. :heart:

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I have strong negatives but I push myself to do small things here and there.

I cook for myself, prepare breakfast for my dad.

Take small walks outside.


Take baby steps.

Like others say, stay in the fight!

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Negative symptoms are much more disabling than lazyness. I was an A+ student in school before my sz and still got some A’s while on Abilify so I am definitively not lazy.

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12th April for indoor pools @Joker

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When I think of the word lazy I think of people who don’t attempt things that I attempt. But there are reasons why they don’t attempt those same things. I think the word lazy is a terrible word.

Negative symptoms has a spectrum of severity. Again there are reasons for it, one being the medication…


Negative symptoms something is wrong with functionality.

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