Dieting and all I want to do is binge

But luckily I foresaw this. I got rid of all binge able foods. The only thing in hand to eat is a chicken curry and rice. So not too bad


Even though I do daily exercise but my diet is ■■■■,dog ■■■■.I overeat on sugar and eat at least fast food once a day

When I feel like eating for the sake of eating and not because I’m particularly hungry or whatever, I try drinking tea with a bit of cream and if that still doesn’t work then I just snack on produce. Usually carrots. I can eat as many as I want and usually my jaw gets tired of chewing and I lose the desire to keep eating anything.


Tea definitely helps to fight off the hunger pangs

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There’s a full pizza in the fridge with my name on it. I’m not on a diet, but if I wake up early, I’m munching on some. Pizza for breakfast is yummy :yum::pizza: and some gingerale. I’m excited for birthday shopping. My birthday is the 19th.

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I L.O.V.E. Pizza (!!!)…,

Cold Pizza is Da Greatest (!!!)…,

N e Hoo.

Back to Facebook,

Corey’s The Name, Love is The Game (!!!)…,

Barack Obama is So Cool (!!!)…,

Off Topic I Know But I Am on a America is Amazing Binge (!!!)… . … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sometimes I just cave and then go for walk.

I actually think it’s better to just let yourself be surrounded by junk food or anything you want to binge on.

I mean food is everywhere. Can’t really avoid it.

I was gonna throw out this cookie cake someone had left over for their bday but decided against it.

If I feel the want to binge I just sit with it and don’t give in. Then find something I want to do that’s either plaguing my mind or is just fun.

Usually I’m feeling the want to binge as a bad habit to avoid boredom or avoiding completing some unfinished project.

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