Diet versus voices

i’d be interested to know what everyone eats and how, if at all your diet affects your voices. there are many foods which raise serotonin levels in the brain and certain foods mop up cortisol, the stress hormone. i’d like to run a study if any of you are interested in taking part. i’ll start with myself. this week starting with today i’ll eat healthy serotonin boosting foods, good fats and cortisol busting foods. i like junk just as much as anyone but i’m curious to know what if anything, a good healthy diet does. first i will list my diet each day then a brief rundown of voice frequency and content. if anyone wants to join me that would be great :smile: note: i drink a lot of coffee which is a serotonin suppressant. for the next week this has to change. obvs a week may be nowhere near long enough to see any noticable change but we’ll try it anyway. also i am on a slimfast diet. the powder is made up of wholemilk, flavouring and added vitamins and minerals. this may or may not make a difference.

wednesday 11 february 2015

5 instant coffees with skimmed milk
5 real coffee cappucinos with full fat milk

250ml slimfast milkshake with skimmed milk

chinese fresh veg stirfry with mushrooms, egg noodles and sweet chilli sauce

250ml slimfast milkshake with skimmed milk

1 large avocado

175 grams of fresh blueberries

125 grams of probiotic yoghurt

voices there in bursts of activity. full of ■■■■ as usual about free energy, being married to someone else, being a famous person… usual crap, one minute being nice as pie and my best friends the next threatening to kill me…

Does slimfast conflict with antidepressants? Just most over the counter weight loss programs do. As raises serotonin levels to extremes with ADs. Not an experience I’d wish on anyone.

thanks for the heads up. luckily or unluckily, i’m not currently taking an anti-D x

I want to try to participate.

You mentioned coffee and it helps sz. I noticed a lot of people here drink it so it’s beneficial.

I drink a 4-6cups of green tea every day but that is way weaker than coffee and coffee makes me flip out do you know why?

Or if I drink drink 6 cups of tea at once my brain Flys like I’m on cocaine so I guess it’s the caffeine in my system all at once because when I space it out through out the daytime I’m fine.

It’s like I’m the only one that can’t benefit from coffee

I can kind of get cracked out on some days if I drink to much coffee at once. Mind spins start talking to my thoughts like they are different people. Really goes no where there. I jsut drink coffee due to latent addiction issues. Its the closest thing I can get to the rush of altering the mind. It has proven to be pretty safe as I’m still getting better. It’s a vice for sure though I think its innocent enough.

Wouldn’t call it beneficial but it certainly helps to eliminate the boredom of not having a life.

will look into it and get back to you. i know there are natural compounds in coffee as well as the caffeine some or all of which can have an effect on the sz brain, good or bad. i think the caffeine helps combat the negative symptoms but can also play havoc with the balance of other chemicals causing the mind to race. personally i drink between 7 and 12 cups a day, both instant and real coffe and have never gone without it long enough to notice any significant difference. i think what i’ll do is get some decaf (instant) and use that when i have instant for a couple of weeks which would cut my caffeine intake in half and see if i feel any different. i’ll look up the chemical make up of coffee and get back to you :slight_smile:

I believe that too much coffee (caffeinated) may increase voice levels in my mind, which is why I do not have too much coffee. It also hampers sleep which may again increase voice levels.

I would volunteer, except that I’m mainly doing good if I stay out of the crisps. Promising more than that won’t work out right now. Sorry. :frowning:


there seems to be two schools of thought. firstly that at moderate levels (2-4 cups a day), there are protective qualities from mouth and throat cancers and cardiovascular disease. longterm effects above that dose (200-300mgs a day) are not known.
it is known however that consuming large amounts can cause rapid heart beat, tremors and anxiety in people with psychiatric disorders and can also interact with medications of all types. smokers metabolize caffeine quicker than non smokers
hmmm think i’ll get some decaff today and mix it in with my regular instant. that will cut my caffene intake down by a third and once the coffee is finished i’ll mix a whole jar of decaff with half a jar of instant…and so on till i’m caffeine free except for real coffee and see what the effects are. i don’t want to just stop caffeine cold turkey as i get terrible caffeine withdrawal. slowly does it i think and we’ll see if has any effects on my panic levels. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried really healthy diets for over a year. and also an eat anything diet. I don’t really eat any candy or junk but I will eat fast food and processed foods. Noticed no difference other than weight gain or weight loss.

Coffee I drink around 2 - 3 cups if I have more than 4 I am starting to have racing mind.

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Because I lived as a homeless teen then as a poor adult, I was malnourished. Getting out of that rut, I began to lift myself up by eating healthy. I am a vegetarian; therefore, I add tablespoons at a time of bee pollen granules to my fruit smoothie drinks. From this one food source, I receive all of the amino acids I need daily, all the protein I need, plus vitamins and minerals. I have all the energy I need. I also eat other mineral and vitamin rich foods, barely any junk. I nourish my body as I am supposed to do.

Eating as healthy as I do has not stopped the auditory hallucinations I have. Aside from that, the body has to build up, say vitamin C, in order to use that vitamin C to rid the body of a cold. So if you begin to eat right regularly to feel more energetic, in a week you should feel more energetic.

I simply have a passion about the human body and biology, physics, chemistry, etc.,. It is important to me because I was not always able to eat right. Now I am able to nourish my body. With 100 percent whole foods, I am able to ensure that I do not have deficiencies, that I am taking in bioavailable foods. Plus I am not interested at all in consuming (for food or supplement sources) mineral salts such as limestone which are put in some foods and numerous supplements–there is a huge difference on how the body will react to mineral salts-rocks over time.

I know I am in the minority.

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Yes, diet directly affects symptoms of any kind that originate in the brain. It doesn’t affect external or spiritual manifestations…in fact it could allow more of the good spirit because you’re healthy and everything is balanced. eating foods bad for you will just allow negative stuff to manifest.
The list of foods/drinks is good except for 10 cups of coffee/cappuccino? that’s a huge amount…I’d be bouncing off the walls with a tingling or pounding heart and buzzing brain LOL. I have 1 cup that’s actually like 12 or 16 oz so say two 8 oz cups of coffee.

I know when I ate garbage like processed foods, lots of GMO and stuff with bad additives I felt like garbage…not so much hallucinations but just weak, scatter brained, confusion…I could tell things weren’t working right.

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This is where I totally agree with you @e_lunaseer - Eating Healthier does make a difference with me too.
When I eat processed or junk food, I wiill notice that I become moodier and I just dont feel right.
Eating natural - healthier foods makes a big difference

I was going to say that too. I’d be uncomfortable and get snappy real easy: moody. It’s extreme would be if I drank a lat because alcohol in excess will cause you to be unable to absorb the nutrients in the right way. Then I would have strait up bipolar mood swings, manic and depression in cycles. I was not eating total garbage, but some healthy and some bad. Now I eat mostly healthy and don’t drink at all.

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