Diet and skin

Does diet changes effect skin …?

Yes there are diets for skin problems

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My skin definitely feels smoother after eliminating bread pasta rice patatoes


Do you eat any carbs then? What about lentils and other dried stuff

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No I did eat carbs like rotis and I’ve not elimated it all… I’ve not gone low carb at all and I eat bread once a week. But I’ve cut the amount I eat as I avoid these foods most of the week.

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By that I mean I try avoiding bread pasta rice and patatoes 6 times a week.

Skin health. All living human cells, including skin require protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals among other various nutrients to function normally, so a healthy, well rounded diet is needed for this. A multi-vitamin may be helpful if your diet is lacking or poor.

Increased blood flow and muscle tone will always make one’s body “look” healthier.


My skin was the best when I was vegan. But I really think it has more to do with genetics. And, what affects my skin may be different than what affects your skin

i wasnt being racist whoever flagged me, its more of a cultural difference, i wrote on her other thread about it, you just dont get the reference.

I wasn’t talking about skin colour here more so how it improves skin.

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Drinking no alcohol has differently improved my skin. It’s more clear.


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