Diet affects joints

Every time I binge eat for a while I end up getting joint pain, not every time but occasionally. N I never get it other times except for exercise.

Yo @naturallycured you can relate right. What’s going on there?

Why is binge eating inflammatory.


@anon51377248 that sounds exactly like Mikhaela Peterson’s story. Although she wasn’t binge eating, just had autoimmunity to gluten, soy and other processed crap that she had to eliminate. She got rid of arthritis and some mental health issues. She’s all over youtube with that story.

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You have high intestinal permeability. Probably chronically low Vitamin D3 levels triggering it, as well as a lot of gluten and fat in the diet. Gluten’s the biggest culprit though.

Best advice I can suggest is the Coimbra protocol (need to buy powdered Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 pills,) and L-Glutamine powder. Omega 3 pills are nice too.

At least 80% gluten avoidance, total avoidance is ideal.

Dairy avoidance is ideal too. For coffee, find a good dairy-free creamer. I like Silk Almond Creamer a lot, it has a safe emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin, this actually seems to help the gut lining instead of hurt it, as most other emulsifiers do).

You’ll want to avoid meat from hooved animals too, they carry an inflammatory sugar known as Neu5gc, that contributes greatly to autoimmune diseases. The body creates an inflammatory response around it when it’s deposited in tissues. Chicken and turkey are fine.

I still get some soreness in my elbows but there’s literally no cartilage in it so it’s hard to feel comfortable there. Rest of the joints are fine now, and I can eat relatively horrible food all day.

Like my breakfast was a hashbrown and gluten-free bread sandwich with mayo and ketchup. Feel okay.

I have to do a good parasite cleanse though. Like a thorough one. Having issues with that. Not going to eat meat anymore due to it. Like, ever. Just eggs.


You missed out the part of the story where her Dad ended up in hospital when he endorsed the diet.

In hospital because of a paradoxical clonopin reaction for medically-induced coma and physiological dependence followed by covid infection in Russia, not the diet as I remember.

I find that too much bread equals pain.

I get the same. Eating rye bread instead of normal bread helps me a bit…

Ofc, your diet affects your health. It can influence your mental health.

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