Diego Maradona died, he was 60

There is a song, Maradona …

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So sad. My grandad died when he was about that age. Feel sorry for his family. 60 is no age these days



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A lot of Argentians have accused him of behaving in let’s say the same way as Catholic Priests. Apparently there was a scandal.

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Yea my friend told me that a few hours ago.

From what I remember he was a cocaine addict and failed drug tests, he was banned from playing. Maybe drugs caused his heart attack that resulted in his death?

Yep I was right:

“After serving a 15-month ban for failing a drug test for cocaine, Maradona left Napoli in disgrace in 1992.”

“Moreover, Maradona was notorious for his poor diet and extreme lifestyle off the pitch, including his use of illicit drugs and alcohol abuse”

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Yeah I remember him being addicted to cocaine.
This probably contributed to his death.

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Have you any sources for these accusations? I can’t seem to find any.

Just a newspaper headline or something. All there is adoration atm.

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I’ve never heard of this man before his death. Is that weird?

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lol too young to know the hand of god in a football cheat against England in the world cup.


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Whos better? Messi or Maradona :grin:
I think Messi stayed the best for a very long time.

I bet he had a fun life.

I was on one of the Weasley brothers (from Harry potter) insta pages and loads of Argentinians were saying he was bad.

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