Didnt ssleep well not taking meds

I am out of my pain pills 10 days early. Don’t know how that happened I have been skipping meds because I forget.

So tired today.
No motivation but I want to clean.
Want to organize.
Head hurts.

My autistic daughter had a meltdown because I have no more chapstick. She wishes I was in prison or would go back to hospital.

Hate my life.


I’m sorry, it all sounds pretty overwhelming. Hopefully things will smooth out and you’ll get to feeling better. I’ll be holding good thoughts for you.

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Thank you 151515

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I’m sorry you are out of your pain meds !! Hope life turns out happier for you soon.

Sounds like a pretty crappy day. Hoping tomorrow is better for you.


Hang in there, @ZombieMombie. We all have those times. I can’t speak to running out of medication. That sounds like something you need to straighten out, but chapstick is an easy fix. :blush:
Things seem horrible and overwhelming at times. Remember that it will turn good in time, either tomorrow or just soon. Focus on what is good right now. Even the smallest thing can help.
Your daughter is pretty spunky. She certainly doesn’t really want anything bad to happen to you. She loves you and needs you.
You’re going to get through this if you decide that you are. :heartpulse:

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