Didn't realise Obama is bipolar


I just googled Obama and bipolar and it came back with

a news clip on the President in the Huffington post.

This was after my own psychiatrist mentioned it in passing to me.

It shows Obama unshaven and sleeping at his desk after 4am.

Interested read about the most powerful man on Earth.

It makes you wonder whether he is mentally stable enough

when it comes to pressing the nuclear button.

How comes this has been under-reported?



I don’t know how long the above posts will last online as the US stems freedom of information.

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Those are from satirical websites but I don’t find it very funny :angry:


Sorry didn’t mean to offend - what a load of rubbish

Not your fault…I lose all respect for the onion though

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You respected the onion …lol…in what way…their trolls…but atleast they admit it…fox news looking at you…

Thought some of their ish was funny

No more

Imagine a sz pres…he or she comes out once a month in a grinning fox mask and talks about aliens and gods for two hours unless it sees its shadow then four weeks of winter…


Forcing secret service to cosplay while they protect you at comic con…lol

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Obama is not bipolar. He is one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had. period.


Troll topic on accident…dont get all bamabutt hurt…lol…greatest ever is very debatable…unfortunately nnooo fuggin politricks debates…ooh. Noo…

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Oh please hypocrite, share more!!!


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I’ve heard that Nixon got pretty schizy during his time in office - especially during Watergate. He was paranoid. That’s why he made the tapes he did. I’ve also heard that Reagan was starting to succumb to Alzheimer’s while in office. Thank God for the system of checks and balances. If one part of our political system goes bad there is usually someone there to take up the slack. In a lot of countries the paranoid and mentally ill are the people who run the country. Witness Joseph Stalin and Sadaam Hussein.

You know we backed sadam into power…due to the ease of manipulation on his mind…

I think we create larger problems for ourselves further down the line when we do things like that. We’ve played it fast and dirty in other places too, and it came back to haunt us.


You do know there have been plenty of public officials in usa that have a mental illness of some type. They just aren’t publicized often or at all. The power of money.

People are always sending out news blurbs about prominent politicians that stay just under the radar so they can’t really recieve scrupulous scrutiny by serious journalists. Most of the time serious journalists don’t even acknowledge such reports, let alone support them. I really doubt if Obama is bipolar. Even if he is, that still doesn’t take away from his performance as president.


Is it real that Mr president has bipolar…???

No, it’s not @far_cry0

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The video is amusing imo. They really nailed down what it’s like to have slow cycling bipolar disorder.

I do find the following sentiment depressing though:

It saddens me people on a mental illness support site are so critical of other people with mental illnesses,. If a person has been medicated and stable for years, they should be considered a “normal person” that can do anything any other “normal person” can do imo.

WInston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, William Sherman and Isaac Newton are all believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder. The point being is that having a mental illness does not mean that a person cannot accomplish a lot in life. In some cases, having mental illness can provide people with helpful qualities that a “normal person” would not have.


I am sorry for causing disrespect with that post.

I agree 100% with you.

I had ambitions of becoming something important but the illness took it all away.

For example I wanted to be a doctor - but in reality was it not to be. The I wanted to join the army - I was rejected in the first round.

Then I tried my hand at working for the security services and you can guess what happened. Later on their website stated that if you suffer from schizophrenia/bipolar there is no need to apply.

So I have faced my share of disappointment. I would love some of my peers to be successful to prove a point that mental illness is not a barrier but a breath of fresh air.

But going past the 45 year mark - middle age (26 years on meds) - it just isn’t going to happen.