Didnt go in to work today

Woke up this morning and started getting ready then had a panic attack halfway through getting ready. So I called in. Told myself I have to do everything I can to go in tomorrow though. Currently getting ready to go grocery shopping which is a large step today cause yesterday and today I couldn’t even step out the doorway.


Took me all day to feel ok aboutgoing out but I got there and I think ill be good to work tomorrow

I wish you the best of luck I struggle with this too @NeoPolitan02

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I hope you make it to work tomorrow

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Tomorrow is a new day. As for today, I would treat it like a day off. Do something special for yourself to relax. Good luck tomorrow.


Panic attacks are horrible. I’m sorry you’re dealing with those. I hope you can make it to work, tomorrow! But if you can’t, that’s OK. Maybe you need to destress and pamper yourself, to help yourself reset.


Sounds like you should be on disability

@ZmaGal Currently at work on break. Going much better today.

@bittercat I played videogames with friends yesterday and bought myself a camera. Ive been wanting one for months and months now.

@Jeffmcguire I dont think I could nor do I want to. Occasions like this tend to be pretty rare. Where I can’t work at all. Last time I remember something this big happening was over a year ago. Nowadays its usually stuff that yeah is sucky byt is manageable.


I’m glad things are better today. What kind of camera did you get?

I’m glad you feel better


I dont know the exact model. Its a small canon, it was on sale. I’ll get a picture of it when I get home. I’m gonna use it to just take pictures of daily life. Me and my husband and the things we do. Then print them off. That way when we’re older we have a big bin of pictures and memories that we can look through.

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Cannons are really nice cameras. That’s a fantastic idea. It’ll be fun to reminisce.

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Are you taking any benzos? That might help. We’re with you in your struggle. Panic attacks can be rough.

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No, I haven’t been on any meds for a few years.

Getting on any med. can be a big decision, because you can develop a tolerance for the med. Still, you might inquire about an antianxiety drug. Consider that as an option.

I used to take an underdose of meds in order to keep on my feet at the library. Keeping the meds below max kept my weight down. I kind of regret it now.

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